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Went to see JK Rowling at Harvard Commencement today with Katy, Pam, Maya, Carol, Emily, Miranda, Danny, Rosalie and Rebecca. Lots of waiting around doing nothing and listening to lame music and boring speeches, but Rowling was wonderful. (Transcript of her speech with video and audio here). Then went to the Senior Awards Night. Ugh. Three hours to give out 114 awards. I got two awards and some money, so whatever. Just now I'm utterly exhausted.

This week's felt incredibly busy and long, mainly because it's involved a lot of waiting around for things. Sunday, I did some juggling, but not much else as I was still feeling antisocial. But on Monday, my mom took my brother and me to the DMV to get Mass State IDs as neither of us has a passport or driver's license, and therefore neither of us has a valid form of identification. My brother also needed to get a new driver's permit as he let his old one expire. We spent three hours there waiting around for things, but Bear managed to pass the test by the skin of his teeth so got his permit and we both got the IDs. Afterwards, I went over to Katy's house and we played some badminton, watched some of the first Harry Potter movie, made lemonade popsicles and worked a bit on a puzzle.

Tuesday, I went over to Claire's house with Pam where we watched The Three Musketeers, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and 1776. So much fun. Wednesday was graduation rehearsal in the morning. Afterwards, I followed Miranda and Carol around as they gave their wonderful drawing to all of their teachers and then 12 of us invaded AHOP for pizza. We had a few hours to kill before the yearbooks were being handed out, so we bused to Alex's house and watched a kung-fu movie. We got a ride back to the high school and waited around forever for the yearbooks to get handed out. There was definitely a better way for them to do that.

And then tomorrow is prom. I'll probably sleep in really late and then get ready for it. Saturday, we're celebrating my mom and Kristen's birthday, as Sunday is graduation so we can't celebrate them on the actual day. My mom's friend Carol, who is in Boston for the Harvard activities, is coming over for dinner and dessert. And Sunday is graduation and then Last Blast. And then I have a week to recover before leaving for Florida, although I've actually already said I'll hang out with a bunch of people next week. Busy busy busy.
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