Dec. 1st, 2008 01:15 am
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Nothing is better than my roommate Jena deciding as she walks in the door at 11pm (after an awful 4 hour drive just to get through MA) to call/text everyone we know to have a snowball fight. It was glorious. We ended up with 20 or 30 people in front of the main library on campus just throwing snow at each other, rolling down the little hills, making snow angels, making a snow platypus to honor Carol from across states (although that was just me and Katy and it was quickly ruined by people falling on top of it). After, we all slid down a hill to the student union (past a giant ball of snow that had been made into a giant chair) and then just to weird people out, walked single file through solemnly holding snowballs. Which we then threw at everyone as they exited the other side. Another snow fight ensued. And then Katy, Jena and I decided to go over and slide down the hill that leads up to the chapel and a couple of dorms. We were obviously not the first to think of doing so. A number of collapsed cardboard boxes and wet floor signs lay on the ground as improvised sleds and a number of paths led down the hill. I tried out some of the cardboard boxes, but we all determined that the wet floor signs worked best. Colby got rid of cafeteria trays last year as an attempt to be more environmentally conscious. So instead we seem to improvise sleds out of cardboard XD. It was a perfect first night back on campus.
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