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It's always interesting when I go home these days. It's amazing how in just slightly more than a year my feelings towards my childhood home have completely changed. And how quickly I've come to call Colby home (although that's not entirely true, it's not exactly home so much as where I happen to live at this moment). At some point this weekend, my mom and I were talking about coordinating the timing of everything that was going to happen yesterday (craziness of a wedding as well as getting two kids back to college) and I said something about 'my bus home leaves at 7:15' while talking about how I was getting back to Colby. It was sortof a slip of the tongue, but not really. Colby's where I live now. I've spent a weekend here and there at home in Arlington this past year. And a few weeks at the beginning and end of summer as well as the three weeks of winter break. But otherwise I've been at Colby. I live here now. It's not quite home yet, and I'm not sure if it'll ever really be (it's difficult for a place to be home, for there to be stability when you have to move to a new room every year plus move back "home" every summer). But every time I come back to Arlington now, it becomes less and less going home and more and more just visiting my parents and high school friends. The actual house and the actual location of Arlington are gradually becoming unimportant.
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