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Friday night I went to a dance show with a number of my friends, which was just enjoyable. After, Karen and I stayed up until close to 2am to finish watching the fourth season of Doctor Who. I love the finale so much. Just all of the companions inside the TARDIS. It's wonderful. On Saturday, I ate breakfast with Eli, Leah and Karen and then Eli and I headed to take the Putnam exam. 6 hour math competition split into two 3 hour sessions, 12 questions, 120 points, mean score across the country is 2 points. I've missed proving things and math this semester. It's just fun and interesting and intellectually stimulating. Plus I miss being around people who understand why you would spend all Saturday doing math when it isn't for a class. It's just fun sitting around a table at a restaurant (Big G's, which has the biggest sandwiches ever, seriously a quarter of a sandwich is enough for a meal, so very good, so very big) discussing challenging problems and writing out proofs on napkins. As I was walking out of the classroom after the competition was over, it was snowing and it was just beautiful and wonderful. I spent the evening working on the juggling club website, which is technically the final project for my class, but is just enjoyable and I would do it for fun (if I had the time) even if it wasn't an assignment.

And then today, I slept in. Got up around 11 to get brunch (delicious delicious Belgian waffles with whipped cream and strawberries) and then drove up to UMaine Orono with Leah and Noah (our juggling advisor from last year who's now at Bowdoin) for the Maine Juggling Day (1pm - 7pm juggling, giant gym, jugglers from throughout the state). So much fun, so brilliant, so worth the sore muscles. I can pass clubs with early doubles now. And a number of people complimented me first on my shirt (Schrodinger's Cat Is Dead on one side, Schrodinger's Cat Is Not Dead on the other) but also on my five ball cascade. I'm slowly getting better at 5, it makes me happy. A group of us at one point attempted to pass clubs in a star formation, which worked for a second until clubs started colliding, and also in various overlapping squares/triangles when we got more than 5 people. We also did various long w-feeds where everyone was passing to two other people alternating which person every 2 beats. It's hilarious because of how errors pass down the line. There was a professional magician who showed up who couldn't do much juggling but showed us a bunch of cool things you can do with a deck of cards (like flinging a single card all of the way across the gym) or with some coins that are more related to juggling than magic and were just fascinating.

When we got back to Colby, (I was suspecting this was going to happen tonight, but it was still amazing) a bunch of my friends decorated my room with streamers and balloons stuck to the ceiling and hid in the dark with cake waiting for me to unlock my door and walk in. We have a thing for surprise birthday parties. As an end to a great weekend, it was perfect.

So tired now, but so very happy.

Date: 2009-12-07 12:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
A REAL LIVE MAGICIAN?! Did he teach you all his secret magics?!!?? Also, mean score of 2? I hope you did better than that, Katherbug!! That sounds like a really fun weekend, though. :D Yay for happy things and supar secrit birthday parties from friends.

Date: 2009-12-07 07:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

I hope I did better than that. I may or may not have. I answered 3 of the 12 questions well enough to I hope get some amount of partial credit if not full credit. I think that puts me at at least 5 if not 10 or 20. I also started working on 2 other questions and may get a point or two partial credit for those. So I most likely got somewhere in the range of 5-20 points. We'll see.

It was incredible.


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