Feb. 28th, 2009

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Oh life... I notice as I'm happier and less stressed out, I feel less of a need to spend time online, or to feel it worth my time to read fanfic or fill out memes or update this journal. These days, yes I still check lj and facebook and email at least once a day, but I haven't been spending the hours online that I used to. I check at most a few times a day for only about 15 minutes each time. I don't think I've read fic (and I include Sam's original fic in this) in more than a month. Which when I think about it, is surprising and somewhat sad, considering the amount of fanfic I read even just two years ago. And yet, I'm filling my days with interesting classes (and so little work this semester it is wonderful), juggling, my girlfriend, my friends. And this month has flown by. Occasionally I think about the online interaction I may be missing, but the thought quickly fades while cuddling with Karen and watching Doctor Who projected on the big screen surrounded by friends only recently converted to its awesomenosity. I could post about everything awesome that's been happening in the past month (Alex and Jule visiting for a weekend, creating a snow TARDIS, converting my girlfriend and friends to Doctor Who, going to an amazing juggling workshop with ex-Cirque Du Soleil performers and with that finally being able to do a four-count and two-count to pass clubs with Leah, spending hours talking and watching Numb3rs with Rebecca, finally having an amazing math class for the first time in my life, etc, etc.) but mentioning them briefly is enough and instead I will go read some more of Good Omens before going to bed.

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