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Fucking hell... Rejected from Bowdoin as well. I was able to accept and relatively quickly move on from the other rejections because I didn't really expect to get into MIT, and I had an acceptance to go with the rejection from Amherst yesterday. But this, this one hurts.

And I'm going to stop this post right here, because dwelling on it will just make me depressed and irrational. It doesn't mean anything about me as a person. And if I keep telling myself that, I might begin to believe it...
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I got into Colby! 4 acceptances, 1 waitlist, 2 rejections, 2 left to hear from. I sadly got rejected from Amherst... But it's ok because I got into Colby! And they gave me a decent financial aid package as well. Now to wait on Bowdoin and Brown, and see what comes of the Carleton waitlist.
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Accepted into the honors program at Northeastern. Waitlisted at Carleton... So three acceptances, one rejection, one waitlist, four colleges left to hear from.

2 out of 3

Mar. 15th, 2008 11:57 am
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I didn't get into MIT. Life goes on.
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How observant are you? Test 1. Test 2.
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*iz ded from laughter* Torchwood fic from [ profile] copperbadge - Trying to Communicate.
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Changed the background picture and colors of my journal just because I haven't in awhile and because Jack, the Doctor and Martha are love: [ profile] meorae. It displays weirdly on my iPod Touch, which implies that it might not display correctly in other browsers or with other screen sizes. I think it's because the picture is a set size as is the text, so they end up overlapping if the window is too small, but it's pretty on my computer so I don't care enough to try to fix it.

18 more days until I hear back from MIT. A month until I hear back from everywhere else. I don't like waiting. There's something like 61 days left of school for seniors, which makes me happy. I'll be disappointed if there aren't any brilliant senior pranks this year. I've heard talk of a bunch of different ones, but who knows if any of them will actually get pulled off.

And now to avoid homework for a few more hours.
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I'd say this was a successful vacation. Learned how to solve a 4x4 rubix cube. Watched 20 episodes of Doctor Who (all caught up now). Watched the first 4 episodes of Firefly. Watched the new Lost and Torchwood episodes. Rewatched Two Towers. Beat Teddy at chess twice in a row (3 wins out of 8 games so far). Beat Teddy at Set once (1 out of 20 or so). Beat my dad at chess once (1 out of 3). Played Clue, Trouble and Connect Four. Made some amazing Domino rallies. Made a snow platypus. Went sledding. Filled out my last three scholarship apps. Started a puzzle. Watched Human Tetris on youtube yet again. Watched Barrowman clips on youtube yet again. Listened to Barrowman's CD way more than is healthy. Observed a lunar eclipse. Played some DDR. Read Talk Talk and Falling Free. Caught up on sleep. :D
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... Torchwood > homework, really. Just spent a little more than an hour and a half reading a wonderful Torchwood fic (The Doctor and Mr. Jones by [ profile] copperbadge) instead of doing my homework. So about that history paper due tomorrow...
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I stayed up most of Saturday night (I think I went to bed around 5:30 or 6 in the morning, but I don't actually remember) to finish watching the first season of Torchwood. And then watched the first two episodes of the second season last night. So much &hearts for Torchwood and John Barrowman and, at least in the second season, Ianto. Spent the afternoon today watching clips of Barrowman on youtube (such as this one - Tennant asks Barrowman 'marry, shag or throw off a cliff?' - and this one - Barrowman's cabaret show) instead of doing my homework. Oh well... Barrowman > homework especially during second semester senior year.

He has an autobiography and a new cd out in the UK and I'm almost tempted to buy them on Shipping's not too bad, and although the cd is out in the US as an import, it's like $45 plus shipping from .com while only 5 euro or $8 plus just a bit more shipping from Having a debit card makes it too easy to make impulse buys (I see shiny, one click and I can have shiny :D)... I'll think about it some more, but will probably end up buying them. The first season of Torchwood is finally out on dvd in the US as well...

Outside of Torchwood, I got I1 privs for support in entries and gunk which makes me happy. I should get into a habit of answering a few requests a day, but I lost momentum with the end of term and after I answered 40 in a week... Not that anyone cares or knows what I'm talking about.

Saw Sweeney Todd again on Friday as Carol convinced me to see it with some people who hadn't yet. And then didn't really do anything else this weekend. Submitted a few scholarship applications, at least. And finished my prog assignment. Although I have to redo one part of it because it doesn't actually work the way I want it to.
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Oh my god. Heath Ledger is dead... :(

2 for 2

Jan. 5th, 2008 11:52 am
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I got accepted to the University of Maine at Farmington Honors Program. Two safeties down, now for the remaining seven colleges... All of which I have to wait until April to hear back from. And now to work on scholarship apps. Ugh.

So it goes

Dec. 31st, 2007 01:01 pm
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My grandmother died last night after a number of months of decline. We all knew it was coming, and my mother's been in New York with her for the weekend. I'm not sure how to react yet, but I just wanted to make note of it. And this means I don't have any grandparents left... So it goes.
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The past couple of days I haven't done anything... I stayed up until seven this morning rereading Ender's Game, as the first time I looked up after starting it last night, I was more than 2/3 of the way done and it was 4:30, so I decided to finish it. And besides that I've spent my whole time reading yuletide fic.

Yuletide is a yearly fic exchange for obscure or rarely written fandoms. This year, 2042 stories were written in 734 different fandoms by 1291 participants and so much of it is incredibly amazing. My recs are under the cut, but go here and browse through the fandoms that interest you.

Recs in no particular order for Blades of Glory, Dead Poet's Society, Dexter, Dinosaur Comics, Ender's Game, Fairy Tales (traditional), Hana Kimi, Hitchhiker's Guide, Knocked Up, Love Actually, the Prestige, Prince of Egypt, Princess Bride, Rent, RPS, Sesame Street, Tamora Pierce - Tortall Series, Twelfth Night, Vorkosigan series: )

I have other things to write about, but this entry is long enough as it is. I might come back to add more recs, just so I can keep track of everything in one place.
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I just submitted 6 applications... Only Amherst and Colby left and then I'm done... I meant to have everything out by Thanksgiving, but that obviously didn't happen.

On Friday, I woke up starting to feel sick and it's progressed into an annoying cold with headache, runny nose and cough. At least it meant I didn't have to shovel much...

After school on Friday, Carol and I (with a few other people who were all lame and left early) built a giant snow platypus on the front lawn of AHS. Then we started digging a cave in one of the snowbanks, but stopped once Carol could fit inside it, as neither of us had the clothing to be spending hours and hours playing around in the snow. It was a lot of fun though.

And now I should go work on Physics, but I'll probably just take a hot bath and go to bed.
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&hearts Went to Margeneta's party this afternoon. People played Guitar Hero for a bit and then we walked down to Jade Garden. It reminded me a lot of the caf crew invasion of Mr. Sushi's two summers ago (although this time didn't lead to invading Robbins Farm afterwards and being told off by police). 20 teenagers taking over a restaurant without reservation ^^. So much love for my friends, especially the fact that there was someone in every grade from sophomore in high school to junior in college. After pigging out on the buffet and talking for a while, we figured out how to split the bill and tip, walked a few doors down to Hollywood Video, got Stranger than Fiction (so much <3) and then went back to Mag's house to watch it while eating ice cream cake.
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I got into MCLA! I accidentally hit submit a few weeks ago when I was still editing my essay, but didn't care enough to do anything about it. As they have rolling admissions, I got the acceptance letter today with a full scholarship for tuition and fees! It's just my safety school, but it makes me incredibly happy.

Yesterday was my birthday, so I'm now 17 ^^. My mom made me apple pie and homemade pizza for dinner last night, which was very good. And then for presents, my dad gave me the sex book Bear got two years ago, but this time it's personalized... "To Katherine, enjoy." XD XD I also got an iPod Touch which is absolutely amazing! It's got wireless internet and you can zoom in on webpages and it has four times the capacity of my current iPod and and! <3

Yesterday itself was kinda crappy, though. I seem to have caught a cold within the past week, so have a sore throat and stuffy nose. Stayed up late doing my psych project (read a 250 page book, wrote a four page essay, and created a creative interpretation of the book all in an afternoon...) so was tired; plus, I slept funny so my neck and shoulders were and still are sore. For the past week or so, my alarm clock has been messed up so I've been sleeping in longer than I should. In programming, we were doing a practice ACSL problem and I misread it so didn't do it correctly and have to redo it this weekend. In history, I hadn't had time to read the packet of information for our group project because of psych, so didn't really get anything done. English was ok, psych was ok, but then I messed up during the calc quiz because the second derivative was a complete mess with a function of degree 7 in the numerator and a quartic function in the denominator. Supposedly things could have been factored out, but I didn't notice that at all. And then Physics in which I haven't been doing the homework due to so much other work (completely my fault due to procrastination) so had no clue what was going on. And I realized after school that I have a helluva a lot of homework/projects to do this weekend.

But whatever. I got into college! I got an iPod touch! It's the weekend! It's almost Christmas break! And I'm done with 7 out of 9 applications!
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Donald broke up with me last night. And I'm surprised that I'm okay with it. I think I wanted the experience of a relationship more than a relationship with him specifically. I mean, I like being around him, talking to him, hanging out with him, and I did have a crush on him in eighth grade that never really faded, so I thought I'd enjoy a relationship with him. And I did enjoy it, and he enjoyed it as well, but it wasn't right. He broke up with me, but it is mutual. We don't work as a couple. We work as friends. And I hope I can salvage our friendship from this. Because that would be the biggest loss - the friendship we forged over the past year.

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