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Donald broke up with me last night. And I'm surprised that I'm okay with it. I think I wanted the experience of a relationship more than a relationship with him specifically. I mean, I like being around him, talking to him, hanging out with him, and I did have a crush on him in eighth grade that never really faded, so I thought I'd enjoy a relationship with him. And I did enjoy it, and he enjoyed it as well, but it wasn't right. He broke up with me, but it is mutual. We don't work as a couple. We work as friends. And I hope I can salvage our friendship from this. Because that would be the biggest loss - the friendship we forged over the past year.
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Carol and I dropped the platypus off at Pam's house this morning. We arranged it on her trampoline and drew Pam and Carol's depiction of Grendel on a sheet attached to it. Then Donald came over and he and I hung out at my house for awhile before we went to see Hairspray at the Capitol. John Travolta is <3 and the movie was better and funnier than I was expecting it to be. We took the bus back to Donald's house afterwards, bumping into Gianna running late for work. Donald showed me some of the better computer games he's created and then we watched Porco Rosso, which I've somehow never seen before. I then went home, supposedly to get homework done, but I've accomplished absolutely nothing tonight, other than editing my college essay a bit. Ugh, I don't know when I'll ever catch up in Physics if I keep putting off the work. But this weekend was enjoyable and I'm feeling a lot better than I have for the past month, so whatever. Bedtime now, Physics some other time.
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I'm not sure how to mention this, plus half of you already know, but Donald asked me out a few nights ago.

Otherwise, this week of school has dragged by really slowly. Physics party Monday night was incredibly awkward but interesting and a bunch of Froshies attended SAVE club this afternoon, and otherwise not much is happening in school. I continue to like the majority of my classes and teachers, but Flynn is as bad as people have said she is and World History turns out to be the easiest class ever, as does Psych, while Physics is gradually getting more difficult and Calc is getting more and more boring. And Prog and English continue to be wonderful. I'm so very glad I took honors English this year. I'm starting to get piled up with homework each night, but no projects or essays have been assigned yet, so I can deal with it. Even if I am already slacking off on Physics homework...

And now I go to bed as I'm insanely tired and will soon fall asleep on my keyboard.
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Life = so much win.

I've walked all over town in the past day and a half ^^. So yesterday, Pam, Katy, Maya and I all only had one final, so we were all out at 10. Pam wanted to wait for other people, but eventually after I destroyed her at Knock Rummy, we decided to go get something to eat at Sweet Sue's. When we got back to the high school, people were slowly trickling out from their finals or audition things.

The new people decided they were hungry and wanted to go get food. So 11 of us ended up walking to Shanghai Village where 3 of the more loser of us decided to leave *sob*. The rest of us ate and then walked over to Town Hall where we sat around and played by the Indian and water for a bit before deciding to play sardines. After we all spent half-an-hour running around looking for Jule, we found her and Katy decided she wanted to go home, so Alex and I went with her.

We stopped by my house so I could give Alex Hole in my Life and then ended up chatting on my front porch. At one point, Katy exclaimed "Carol! Emily! What are you doing here!" I couldn't see them but then Emily stepped from the bushes and eventually with Katy's calls of "Carol, I know you're behind that tree," Carol stepped out as well (holding a cardboard platypus she was going to leave on my steps, I might add). So we hung for a while and ate chocolate and drank lemonade. At one point, Bob walked by and we (mainly Carol) waved enthusiastically and he waved back.

Katy, Alex and Emily decided to leave our party of five, and Carol and I tried to come up with someone else's house to prank. We decided to go to Gianna's house, drop the platypus by her door and write on her porch and sidewalk in chalk. But first, Skiddy walked by, going the same direction as Bob, and we wondered if there was a teacher party or something. We decided to go invade Gianna's house instead of stalking Skiddy, however. So we did and we wrote notes for Gianna and Alex (which I totally forgot to deliver Carol :( I'm sorry). Carol had to go to her brother's graduation, so I walked home after we made plans to meet up today. And then I cleaned out my binders/folders and backpack as well as organizing all of the word documents I have on my computer from the past four years of school. Junior year is over!

Then today, Carol and Rachel walked over to my house and we took my bucket of chalk (with more than one comment of "I has a bukket") in order to attack Elisabeth with it. We drew on her driveway (and on each other) and then called her cell and when she didn't answer, her dad to get her to first wake up and then come out and see it. I had to get back to my house so I could go see Pirates again (Donald hadn't seen it yet) so we walked back by Mass Ave. We passed the high school and Skitsis was just leaving, so we waved (Carol making a fool of herself yet again) and continued walking. We walked to Donald's house and Carol drew a platypus on his steps before he came out and noticed, which caused Carol to run away and Rachel and Elisabeth to follow. They came back to my house to draw on my walk, drop off the chalk, mess with my books and wake up my brother. And I went to see Pirates again. And all was good.

Tonight, I watched Night at the Museum with my mom and ignored the fact that most of my books are upside down. Tomorrow, I relax, maybe play some ddr, or juggle, or go on a bike ride, or read, or whatever I want to do ^^.

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