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My dad wants my brother and me to take part in HSSP this year. Will anyone do one of these classes with me? None of them look particularly interesting, but I don't know.

I've spent most of today and some of yesterday trying to write a 3 page essay for English. I have 2 and a half pages and I'm no where close to being done saying what I want to say. It's utter crap, but I'll have an essay by Monday.

Last night, I babysat for my neighbors. I went over at 7:30, read the kids each two stories and put them to bed. Then I listened to my ipod and read Great Expectations for two and a half hours. I was at somewhere around chapter 20 when I started and I'm now at chapter 32. We need to have read to 40 by the end of this vacation. The one class I have homework in and we're given 100 pages to read (I was something like 100 pages behind, so I had 200 pages to read) and a 3 page essay. We were given the whole week before vacation to work on the essay, but come on, who did he expect to start last week? And he knew that no one was going to read 10 pages a night, everyone is going to have read it all in one sitting. It's really boring, too. I mean, every once in a while there's some sortof subtext, like Carol found, but everything else is really boring. So 8 more chapters to read and 1/2 a page to write. I can do this.

The intramural for fencing is tomorrow. I can't fence in it, you have to be in a pre-competitive class to fence in it, but Emily and I are going to watch it.

Now, back to writing.
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There are way too many tests this week. It's the week before vacation goddammitall! Why can't our stupid teachers get into the holiday spirit?

I hate F days. Especially when I have a stupid test last period in History. F day is the one day that I miss English and don't have lunch with my friends. I have lunch with my brother's friends, so at least some people are there, but I don't know. I hate F days. The only good thing is that tomorrow I miss History.

Friday peoples and I went to Ottoson to see our teachers. We saw Ms. Tomilson, Ms. Duke and Ms. Packer, but Ms. Krepelka left early. It was fun and we spent like an hour just standing around Ms. Packer's room and talking. I didn't have Ms. Packer although I really wish that I did; I had Ms. Kilgore. So Friday was fun.

On Saturday, I had a piano lesson and fencing. My dad bought me a foil from the fencing place when he dropped me off there. So, now I have a long pointy piece of metal. It's blunt, though, but it's still fun to poke people with. My whole fencing class has a style that would be so much better for saber and not foil, but everyone has to start with foil, so I have to live with their slashing for another year or so. We had a little competition on Saturday in which everyone fenced everyone else in the class. We had five-touch bouts and I lost all of them. I'm so talented. I came in 7th out of the 8 people, but I managed to get in at least 2 touches on everyone. The sad thing is the person who came 8th beat me when we fenced, so whoever it was actually is better than me.

When I got home from fencing, I spent the afternoon watching RotKEE and then on Sunday went to Claire's house and watched it again with Elisabeth and Claire. The sad thing was the fact that Sam and Frodo get more action than Faramir and Eowyn. Does PJ just have something against Faramir and Eowyn's relationship?

92 on History essay although he never actually said what I did wrong. He wrote "good analysis," "good," and "well done provides insights into communist philosophy through an analysis of the events in the novel." He didn't write anything else and took off random points in random places without explaining why, but it's the first A that I've gotten in awhile in his class, so I'm happy. Although we got the essays back after taking a test that I completely failed, but oh well. I really could care less about my history grade.

Rowling has supposedly finished writing Half Blood Prince. I couldn't care less. I liked the first three books and the fact that JK became so rich after not having enough money to take care of her family, but the books have gotten progressively worse and I don't know. I'll read HBP and the 7th book when they come out, but I didn't anticipate the OotP coming out and I'm not anticipating these coming out.

My scanner is screwed up, so I'm not going to be able to upload anything to Deviantart for a while as I don't have anything on this computer. And I haven't felt like editing my novel, so I'm still only like ten pages into it (it's 162 pages long as of now). I'll have it ready to be betaed by New Years, I promise you that. I'm going to break that promise, but you can hurt me if I do.

The snow loves to taunt me. It snows in the morning, without snowing enough for a snow day, making me sleep in and then slip and fall on my way to school. Then it starts snowing the fluffy snow that's fun to watch falling down from the sky when I have to be paying attention in school. By the time school's out, it's stopped snowing, so obviously we're not having a snow day or a delay tomorrow, and I have to walk home, through the snow, in the cold. The snow will be melted by tomorrow and I'll freeze by butt off tonight. Fun fun fun.


Nov. 6th, 2004 01:03 pm
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I just got back from my first fencing thingamahooger. I forgot how enjoyable lunging at someone actually is, even if I was only holding a glove and not an actual sword.

Emily and I have started fencing and there's like six other kids in our class. There's two girls around our age and then like four little peoples. And the little people are so aggressive. There was this one boy who kept lunging and slapping me really hard with his glove.

We didn't get to use swords today, instead we worked on footwork and practiced advancing, retreating and lunging with gloves in place of swords. We were only supposed to lunge and slap our opponent lightly before recovering and retreating, but this kid would lunge really fast, slap hard and then retreat before I could move out of his way.

My legs, and Emily said hers did too, feel like I've just gone into Sip Pond, tried to swim and then gotten out. And my left arm does, too. But I don't see why my left arm would hurt when it spent the hour just hanging out behind me. Well, whatever. I had fun and will be continuing next Saturday.

Now I have to write 6000 words for NaNoWriMo to get where I should be right now. I haven't written like anything in the past two days and that's what is gonna screw me up toward the end of this month.

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