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Summer is sortof settling down for me into a regular schedule with random parties thrown in all over the place. I'm babysitting for somewhere around 15 hours a week for the rest of the summer (5 hours each on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, although occasionally a Wednesday or Friday is thrown in there instead). And then having people over on Tuesday evenings to play board and card games.

And it seems I'll also be juggling every other Monday evening with my brother, Teddy and Morgenbesser. It was wonderful tonight. Bear and Morgenbesser were working on three club passing, which they got pretty good at, while Teddy and I just worked on random things. I got a different vibe from tonight, though, than I get from juggling with Alex, or the juggling that happened in Baltimore, or the random juggling my brother and I do. It wasn't a bad vibe, just different. I'm not sure what it was, but it prevented me from enjoying tonight as much as I normally enjoy juggling with other people because I noticed it and it kept me from fully getting into juggling (horrible sentence structure I know, shut up; I'm too lazy to fix it...). It was still wonderful and I can't wait for Monday after next, but it was just off somehow. Maybe it was just the humidity or the fact I didn't sleep well last night and then had to wake up at 7:30 on 5 hours of sleep and babysit. It might also have been the fact that I wasn't teaching anyone anything (I was with jugglers of around my ability instead of lower) and it was an actual scheduled meet-up to juggle rather than randomly happening at the airport or at my house. But I dunno.

Other than that, had fun at the spontaneous party at Carol's house last night, went to see Narnia with Katy on Saturday, realized it's two short months away before I'll be at Colby, have mostly gotten used to having Kristen living with us, AP scores are released by telephone tomorrow and my mind is all over the place right now, so I think I'll stop now before I end up discussing Taft in a wet t-shirt contest or something. (Why am I referencing an old XKCD comic, you ask? Because XKCD is awesome and is applicable in any situation.) I'm done now really I am. Humidity makes me insane. As does Doctor Who. ("You cannot blame Doctor Who for this!"). And lack of sleep. I'm going to bed now really I am.
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Took psats this morning... Found them easy, although long.

Spent the rest of the day doing homework and watching a movie with my mom and brother. "Brian, don't do that, it's a children's movie." Working on history right now.

Too lazy to type in complete sentences. Feel really tired for some reason.

We got into the police log...

Not failing any of my classes, which is good. Only know my actual grade in math - a+ and history - a-. But everything else is above a b.

Passed the non-written part of the CPR test.

Can almost juggle five balls. Jealous of brother...

Shutting up now. Good night everyone.
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So Friday night, my family went to see Howl's Moving Castle. And it was amazing as other people have said although certainly not his best work.

Then Saturday, I went through all my school crap and recycled basically all of it. Now the only thing my mom's bugging me to do is clean my room.

Sunday, my family went out to brunch. After brunch, my mom wanted to see what was in the toy store next to the restaurant, so we went in and they had juggling rings. My dad bought two sets, one each for my brother and me.

Then in the afternoon, we went to a neighborhood party thing that one of my neighbors was throwing as she just got married and is moving away to live with her husband. Before last night, I hadn't realized how many of my neighbors are little kids. There were like twenty little five-year olds running around while their parents talked and it was pretty boring.

I've been juggling the rings, but they're a lot more painful than balls are. My hands are covered in bruises from catching them wrong. But I must get 200 juggles. My record is 171 juggles right now. My chant last night was "I'm getting 100, I'm getting 100." And I ended up going to bed after getting 99 and hitting myself in the head with one of them. My dad also went online and he's going to get juggling clubs. And they are so much cooler than rings and balls. So this summer, I'm going to learn to do mill's mess, juggle clubs, and do tricks juggling clubs/rings. My three goals for juggling this summer.

I don't really have any other goals, except to actually feel accomplished at the end of summer. I want to do things, and not just sit around doing nothing.

edit: I just got 225. Now I will break 300. Trust me, I will.
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Beautiful speech by Representative Senfronia Thompson (Houston) )

Juggling tricks for l33tspike

I've been juggling a lot recently. I managed to beat all of my old records. Although the only record of mine that's higher than my brother's record is juggling on my back. My brother is trying to teach me Mill's mess, but I still don't understand it, even though that site has helped. I can do half of the tricks there. But most of them are pretty simple. Mill's mess is a whole other thing, though.

im conversation )

Good luck to the people performing in the pops concert.

Edit: The pops concert was awesome! Congratulations!

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