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Oh life... I notice as I'm happier and less stressed out, I feel less of a need to spend time online, or to feel it worth my time to read fanfic or fill out memes or update this journal. These days, yes I still check lj and facebook and email at least once a day, but I haven't been spending the hours online that I used to. I check at most a few times a day for only about 15 minutes each time. I don't think I've read fic (and I include Sam's original fic in this) in more than a month. Which when I think about it, is surprising and somewhat sad, considering the amount of fanfic I read even just two years ago. And yet, I'm filling my days with interesting classes (and so little work this semester it is wonderful), juggling, my girlfriend, my friends. And this month has flown by. Occasionally I think about the online interaction I may be missing, but the thought quickly fades while cuddling with Karen and watching Doctor Who projected on the big screen surrounded by friends only recently converted to its awesomenosity. I could post about everything awesome that's been happening in the past month (Alex and Jule visiting for a weekend, creating a snow TARDIS, converting my girlfriend and friends to Doctor Who, going to an amazing juggling workshop with ex-Cirque Du Soleil performers and with that finally being able to do a four-count and two-count to pass clubs with Leah, spending hours talking and watching Numb3rs with Rebecca, finally having an amazing math class for the first time in my life, etc, etc.) but mentioning them briefly is enough and instead I will go read some more of Good Omens before going to bed.


Dec. 1st, 2008 01:15 am
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Nothing is better than my roommate Jena deciding as she walks in the door at 11pm (after an awful 4 hour drive just to get through MA) to call/text everyone we know to have a snowball fight. It was glorious. We ended up with 20 or 30 people in front of the main library on campus just throwing snow at each other, rolling down the little hills, making snow angels, making a snow platypus to honor Carol from across states (although that was just me and Katy and it was quickly ruined by people falling on top of it). After, we all slid down a hill to the student union (past a giant ball of snow that had been made into a giant chair) and then just to weird people out, walked single file through solemnly holding snowballs. Which we then threw at everyone as they exited the other side. Another snow fight ensued. And then Katy, Jena and I decided to go over and slide down the hill that leads up to the chapel and a couple of dorms. We were obviously not the first to think of doing so. A number of collapsed cardboard boxes and wet floor signs lay on the ground as improvised sleds and a number of paths led down the hill. I tried out some of the cardboard boxes, but we all determined that the wet floor signs worked best. Colby got rid of cafeteria trays last year as an attempt to be more environmentally conscious. So instead we seem to improvise sleds out of cardboard XD. It was a perfect first night back on campus.
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Summer is sortof settling down for me into a regular schedule with random parties thrown in all over the place. I'm babysitting for somewhere around 15 hours a week for the rest of the summer (5 hours each on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, although occasionally a Wednesday or Friday is thrown in there instead). And then having people over on Tuesday evenings to play board and card games.

And it seems I'll also be juggling every other Monday evening with my brother, Teddy and Morgenbesser. It was wonderful tonight. Bear and Morgenbesser were working on three club passing, which they got pretty good at, while Teddy and I just worked on random things. I got a different vibe from tonight, though, than I get from juggling with Alex, or the juggling that happened in Baltimore, or the random juggling my brother and I do. It wasn't a bad vibe, just different. I'm not sure what it was, but it prevented me from enjoying tonight as much as I normally enjoy juggling with other people because I noticed it and it kept me from fully getting into juggling (horrible sentence structure I know, shut up; I'm too lazy to fix it...). It was still wonderful and I can't wait for Monday after next, but it was just off somehow. Maybe it was just the humidity or the fact I didn't sleep well last night and then had to wake up at 7:30 on 5 hours of sleep and babysit. It might also have been the fact that I wasn't teaching anyone anything (I was with jugglers of around my ability instead of lower) and it was an actual scheduled meet-up to juggle rather than randomly happening at the airport or at my house. But I dunno.

Other than that, had fun at the spontaneous party at Carol's house last night, went to see Narnia with Katy on Saturday, realized it's two short months away before I'll be at Colby, have mostly gotten used to having Kristen living with us, AP scores are released by telephone tomorrow and my mind is all over the place right now, so I think I'll stop now before I end up discussing Taft in a wet t-shirt contest or something. (Why am I referencing an old XKCD comic, you ask? Because XKCD is awesome and is applicable in any situation.) I'm done now really I am. Humidity makes me insane. As does Doctor Who. ("You cannot blame Doctor Who for this!"). And lack of sleep. I'm going to bed now really I am.
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Graduation was annoyingly hot and I forgot to wear sunscreen so got pretty badly sunburned. Last Blast was so much fun, though. We got Elisabeth in without any problems. It really hit me some time in the middle of the night that this was the last time I'd see most of these people. The people I care about, I'll stay in touch with by email, livejournal, facebook. But the rest of these people who I've interacted with (positively or negatively) throughout elementary school, middle school and high school have basically left my life forever. It's somewhat a relieving thought, but it's also a depressing one.

Yesterday, Carol and Elisabeth came over and we spent 7 hours watching all of this season of Doctor Who. We're gonna have another marathon to see the final four episodes once those have aired. Oh Doctor Who, why are you so wonderful? I'm surprised I've come to like Donna as a companion. I hated her in the Christmas special, but she's grown on me. And Tennant is wonderful as always.

I leave for Florida tomorrow morning. I'll be back late on the 20th. It's annoying, because there's so much going on in the next week and I'd love to go to these graduation parties, to film Pamlet, to go to Relay for Life, etc but I have to say I can't come, I'll be in Florida. This week will probably be an amazing time with my cousins, but I just wish it wasn't happening right now.
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Went to see JK Rowling at Harvard Commencement today with Katy, Pam, Maya, Carol, Emily, Miranda, Danny, Rosalie and Rebecca. Lots of waiting around doing nothing and listening to lame music and boring speeches, but Rowling was wonderful. (Transcript of her speech with video and audio here). Then went to the Senior Awards Night. Ugh. Three hours to give out 114 awards. I got two awards and some money, so whatever. Just now I'm utterly exhausted.

This week's felt incredibly busy and long, mainly because it's involved a lot of waiting around for things. Sunday, I did some juggling, but not much else as I was still feeling antisocial. But on Monday, my mom took my brother and me to the DMV to get Mass State IDs as neither of us has a passport or driver's license, and therefore neither of us has a valid form of identification. My brother also needed to get a new driver's permit as he let his old one expire. We spent three hours there waiting around for things, but Bear managed to pass the test by the skin of his teeth so got his permit and we both got the IDs. Afterwards, I went over to Katy's house and we played some badminton, watched some of the first Harry Potter movie, made lemonade popsicles and worked a bit on a puzzle.

Tuesday, I went over to Claire's house with Pam where we watched The Three Musketeers, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and 1776. So much fun. Wednesday was graduation rehearsal in the morning. Afterwards, I followed Miranda and Carol around as they gave their wonderful drawing to all of their teachers and then 12 of us invaded AHOP for pizza. We had a few hours to kill before the yearbooks were being handed out, so we bused to Alex's house and watched a kung-fu movie. We got a ride back to the high school and waited around forever for the yearbooks to get handed out. There was definitely a better way for them to do that.

And then tomorrow is prom. I'll probably sleep in really late and then get ready for it. Saturday, we're celebrating my mom and Kristen's birthday, as Sunday is graduation so we can't celebrate them on the actual day. My mom's friend Carol, who is in Boston for the Harvard activities, is coming over for dinner and dessert. And Sunday is graduation and then Last Blast. And then I have a week to recover before leaving for Florida, although I've actually already said I'll hang out with a bunch of people next week. Busy busy busy.
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I'd say this was a successful vacation. Learned how to solve a 4x4 rubix cube. Watched 20 episodes of Doctor Who (all caught up now). Watched the first 4 episodes of Firefly. Watched the new Lost and Torchwood episodes. Rewatched Two Towers. Beat Teddy at chess twice in a row (3 wins out of 8 games so far). Beat Teddy at Set once (1 out of 20 or so). Beat my dad at chess once (1 out of 3). Played Clue, Trouble and Connect Four. Made some amazing Domino rallies. Made a snow platypus. Went sledding. Filled out my last three scholarship apps. Started a puzzle. Watched Human Tetris on youtube yet again. Watched Barrowman clips on youtube yet again. Listened to Barrowman's CD way more than is healthy. Observed a lunar eclipse. Played some DDR. Read Talk Talk and Falling Free. Caught up on sleep. :D
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I stayed up most of Saturday night (I think I went to bed around 5:30 or 6 in the morning, but I don't actually remember) to finish watching the first season of Torchwood. And then watched the first two episodes of the second season last night. So much &hearts for Torchwood and John Barrowman and, at least in the second season, Ianto. Spent the afternoon today watching clips of Barrowman on youtube (such as this one - Tennant asks Barrowman 'marry, shag or throw off a cliff?' - and this one - Barrowman's cabaret show) instead of doing my homework. Oh well... Barrowman > homework especially during second semester senior year.

He has an autobiography and a new cd out in the UK and I'm almost tempted to buy them on Shipping's not too bad, and although the cd is out in the US as an import, it's like $45 plus shipping from .com while only 5 euro or $8 plus just a bit more shipping from Having a debit card makes it too easy to make impulse buys (I see shiny, one click and I can have shiny :D)... I'll think about it some more, but will probably end up buying them. The first season of Torchwood is finally out on dvd in the US as well...

Outside of Torchwood, I got I1 privs for support in entries and gunk which makes me happy. I should get into a habit of answering a few requests a day, but I lost momentum with the end of term and after I answered 40 in a week... Not that anyone cares or knows what I'm talking about.

Saw Sweeney Todd again on Friday as Carol convinced me to see it with some people who hadn't yet. And then didn't really do anything else this weekend. Submitted a few scholarship applications, at least. And finished my prog assignment. Although I have to redo one part of it because it doesn't actually work the way I want it to.
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I just submitted 6 applications... Only Amherst and Colby left and then I'm done... I meant to have everything out by Thanksgiving, but that obviously didn't happen.

On Friday, I woke up starting to feel sick and it's progressed into an annoying cold with headache, runny nose and cough. At least it meant I didn't have to shovel much...

After school on Friday, Carol and I (with a few other people who were all lame and left early) built a giant snow platypus on the front lawn of AHS. Then we started digging a cave in one of the snowbanks, but stopped once Carol could fit inside it, as neither of us had the clothing to be spending hours and hours playing around in the snow. It was a lot of fun though.

And now I should go work on Physics, but I'll probably just take a hot bath and go to bed.
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&hearts Went to Margeneta's party this afternoon. People played Guitar Hero for a bit and then we walked down to Jade Garden. It reminded me a lot of the caf crew invasion of Mr. Sushi's two summers ago (although this time didn't lead to invading Robbins Farm afterwards and being told off by police). 20 teenagers taking over a restaurant without reservation ^^. So much love for my friends, especially the fact that there was someone in every grade from sophomore in high school to junior in college. After pigging out on the buffet and talking for a while, we figured out how to split the bill and tip, walked a few doors down to Hollywood Video, got Stranger than Fiction (so much <3) and then went back to Mag's house to watch it while eating ice cream cake.
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I got into MCLA! I accidentally hit submit a few weeks ago when I was still editing my essay, but didn't care enough to do anything about it. As they have rolling admissions, I got the acceptance letter today with a full scholarship for tuition and fees! It's just my safety school, but it makes me incredibly happy.

Yesterday was my birthday, so I'm now 17 ^^. My mom made me apple pie and homemade pizza for dinner last night, which was very good. And then for presents, my dad gave me the sex book Bear got two years ago, but this time it's personalized... "To Katherine, enjoy." XD XD I also got an iPod Touch which is absolutely amazing! It's got wireless internet and you can zoom in on webpages and it has four times the capacity of my current iPod and and! <3

Yesterday itself was kinda crappy, though. I seem to have caught a cold within the past week, so have a sore throat and stuffy nose. Stayed up late doing my psych project (read a 250 page book, wrote a four page essay, and created a creative interpretation of the book all in an afternoon...) so was tired; plus, I slept funny so my neck and shoulders were and still are sore. For the past week or so, my alarm clock has been messed up so I've been sleeping in longer than I should. In programming, we were doing a practice ACSL problem and I misread it so didn't do it correctly and have to redo it this weekend. In history, I hadn't had time to read the packet of information for our group project because of psych, so didn't really get anything done. English was ok, psych was ok, but then I messed up during the calc quiz because the second derivative was a complete mess with a function of degree 7 in the numerator and a quartic function in the denominator. Supposedly things could have been factored out, but I didn't notice that at all. And then Physics in which I haven't been doing the homework due to so much other work (completely my fault due to procrastination) so had no clue what was going on. And I realized after school that I have a helluva a lot of homework/projects to do this weekend.

But whatever. I got into college! I got an iPod touch! It's the weekend! It's almost Christmas break! And I'm done with 7 out of 9 applications!
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Carol and I dropped the platypus off at Pam's house this morning. We arranged it on her trampoline and drew Pam and Carol's depiction of Grendel on a sheet attached to it. Then Donald came over and he and I hung out at my house for awhile before we went to see Hairspray at the Capitol. John Travolta is <3 and the movie was better and funnier than I was expecting it to be. We took the bus back to Donald's house afterwards, bumping into Gianna running late for work. Donald showed me some of the better computer games he's created and then we watched Porco Rosso, which I've somehow never seen before. I then went home, supposedly to get homework done, but I've accomplished absolutely nothing tonight, other than editing my college essay a bit. Ugh, I don't know when I'll ever catch up in Physics if I keep putting off the work. But this weekend was enjoyable and I'm feeling a lot better than I have for the past month, so whatever. Bedtime now, Physics some other time.
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I haven't updated this in almost a month... I've been sick recently (just like everyone else in the world), I missed six days of school and am still struggling to catch up in a few of my classes. Three weekends ago, Pam tackled me while we were playing Frisbee and I sprained my ankle. I know of like 5 other people who have screwed up their ankles in the past few weeks... That same weekend, I came down with some sort of stomach bug. I didn't want to deal with both of those at school, so stayed home for three days until the stomach thing got mostly better. The following weekend, I'm still not sure why, but I developed vertigo and got to deal with room-spinning goodness and feeling like I was about to fall over or faint every time I stood up or tried to walk around. Again I stayed home for three days. I've managed to catch up in most of my classes, but am still behind in Physics and probably did badly on that Psych quiz I made up.

And in the mean time, I've had a shopping cart left in my room, which was then turned into a giant platypus by Carol and left on my front porch, done horribly on a Physics test, aced a Calc test, become a National Merit Semi-Finalist, postponed my SAT IIs until November, and avoided thinking about college as much as possible. I've also come to a few realizations in the past few weeks, but I don't feel like writing any of them down just yet.

Thankfully it's a three day weekend. And as it's half-an-hour until the 7th, Happy Birthday Giulia!
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I'm not sure how to mention this, plus half of you already know, but Donald asked me out a few nights ago.

Otherwise, this week of school has dragged by really slowly. Physics party Monday night was incredibly awkward but interesting and a bunch of Froshies attended SAVE club this afternoon, and otherwise not much is happening in school. I continue to like the majority of my classes and teachers, but Flynn is as bad as people have said she is and World History turns out to be the easiest class ever, as does Psych, while Physics is gradually getting more difficult and Calc is getting more and more boring. And Prog and English continue to be wonderful. I'm so very glad I took honors English this year. I'm starting to get piled up with homework each night, but no projects or essays have been assigned yet, so I can deal with it. Even if I am already slacking off on Physics homework...

And now I go to bed as I'm insanely tired and will soon fall asleep on my keyboard.
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Carol's Questions )

Most of my friends seem to be having trouble with their schedules or overloaded with work and I feel weird about having a wonderful schedule, with 5 teachers and classes I love already, and little to no work assigned yet. There's a programming group assignment due next Friday, a Psych project due the 17th, a calc test on review stuff and an in-class essay on Kite Runner on Wednesday, but otherwise my only homework so far is some Physics problems. Morgenbesser and McCarthy are awesome, Tobin seems wonderful so far, Camelio seems nice enough and I like Duranceau as well. I mean how can you not like a teacher who, on the first day of school, invites the class over to his house for pizza Monday evening? I don't know what to think about White/Flynn yet, but people who had her in Sophomore year didn't like her. I also seem to have lunch with a bunch of people. Plus all of the depleted Caf Crew has been hanging out after school with what could be a few froshie recruits. And they haven't worked out directed studies yet, so my study today was in the cafeteria with Pam, Carol, Alice, Heather and Pete. Pam and Carol sang the duck-billed platypus song loudly 5 or 6 times throughout the period.

My sleep schedule hasn't reverted back to school timing yet, so even if I go to bed by 10, I can't fall asleep until 1 or after. Means I've only gotten five or six hours of sleep the last two nights, but whatever. I've never had as many teachers and classes I like before and with at least one or two people I enjoy talking to/working with in each of them. This year seems like it will be amazing. I'm not sure how my clubs will work out, though, seeing as I'm head of math team and secretary/vice-president of SAVE Club so should try to go to every meeting of both of those and am also a member of National Honor Society. The three of those will probably overlap in annoying ways, not to mention the Whose Line Improv club meetings.

And now to go to bed and catch up on lost sleep. If anyone's going to town day, stop by the SAVE club booth and say hi. I think I'm supposed to be manning it for much of the day.
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I'm back from vacation. Vacation was good although my family always seems to clash when we're together for long periods of time. Driving out to New York, we stopped by Tanglewood and listened to the practice for a bit before driving for the remaining 5 hours to get to our hotel. In New York, we took my grandmother out for a picnic which was all well and good until the lightning, thunder and rain started. It was right above us for a good half-an-hour and we had to wait it out as mom prearranged for the bus service to come back at a specific time due to my grandmother's wheelchair. The next day, my mom spent the morning with her mom while my brother, dad and I went to the Corning Museum of Glass, like we always do. We watched a couple of the glassblowing shows and also wandered around the museum for a while. The Glass Flowers exhibit was beautiful and the flowers were amazingly intricate and realistic. If any of you are ever around Corning, New York you should visit the museum.

In Maine, the first night and day were rainy but we played hearts in the Gathering Place and managed to stay dry. The Gathering Place sold trail mix which was amazingly good and I think my family got 10 or 15 bags of it throughout the trip. We went hiking and kayaking and stargazing (we saw some shooting stars which were the start of the Perseids) and my dad and I saw a dolphin while we were kayaking and a squirmunk (my brother came up with the name because we couldn't decide whether it was a baby squirrel or a chipmunk) tried to get into our food. We made s'mores on the two nights we lit fires and battled our deflating air mattresses until my dad went out and bought three new ones.

I read a total of six books throughout our vacation: The Tipping Point, Siddhartha, The Kite Runner, The Dark is Rising, Cordelia's Honor and Hawksong which, with the HP books brings my books read this summer up to 13 and makes me done with summer reading.

We drove home to a message on the answering machine for me from an Army Recruiter and no schedule... I guess they're sending them out alphabetically, but I'm impatient and want mine.

I had a weirdly realistic dream last night. It started out with me waiting for my dad in a car at night. He came back with a couple of maps and some food, mentioning that our plane would leave that time the next night. Over the course of the dream, I realized I was going to Australia with my dad, although I never figured out why we were going. My dad mentioned something about the plane ride only being an hour long and that I should pack a book to read. I protested that Australia is halfway around the world and that it should take a lot longer to get there. My dad said no it isn't, it's right here (and a map magically appeared showing that Australia was just a quick hop away from where we were). So we went home and I went up to the tv room and just sat there staring at the blank tv, thinking I should find out how far away Australia actually was and waiting for my dad to be ready to leave. Eventually, I realized that it was late and got up to look for my dad. I ended up downstairs where the mail was on the radiator and noticed something from the high school that must have been my schedule on top. I picked the mail up and somehow lost track of my schedule while going through the rest of my mail. The front door opened and I looked up to a crowd of talking people with my dad in front opening the door. Behind him I saw a bunch of my teachers (seemed to be most of the science and math department) who I came to the conclusion showed up to give me my schedule. My mom and brother walked downstairs and my dad closed the door on the teachers. And then I woke up.

It's obvious what I've been thinking of recently, including the fact that I haven't been on a plane since before 9/11 (as we used to go to see my grandmother in Indiana but then she died when I was in third grade, so we went out for her funeral and then a year later went out for my cousin's wedding. But since then I haven't been on a plane. 8 years with 9/11 happening in between...), that I want my schedule (which I assume I'll get Monday), and just general thoughts about school and applying to college (the teacher in front of the crowd was Morgenbesser, who I've vaguely been thinking of emailing sometime soon to ask if he'd write me a recommendation). I'm not sure where the Australia part came in though... Maybe something to do with Hugh Jackman's upcoming movie Australia? No idea. But that was one of the longest and most realistic dreams I've had in a while and the way my recent thoughts combined into this random dream amused me once I woke up.

Other than that, fandom's gone splodey, so I've backed up my journal with lj book which is amazing, and copied all of my entries to greatestjournal with [ profile] antennapedia's transfer script. I am meorae at greatestjournal as well and other than fandom journals, have friended Elisabeth and Vanessa over there. If any of you have greatestjournals, friend me? I'm not leaving lj, seeing as fandom is not the only reason I'm here, but I am setting up at greatestjournal to follow the fandom people who are. As my brain sees links to interesting software thingies and I must clicky, I'll be using Semagic to post to both lj and gj at the same time from now on.
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Life = so much win.

I've walked all over town in the past day and a half ^^. So yesterday, Pam, Katy, Maya and I all only had one final, so we were all out at 10. Pam wanted to wait for other people, but eventually after I destroyed her at Knock Rummy, we decided to go get something to eat at Sweet Sue's. When we got back to the high school, people were slowly trickling out from their finals or audition things.

The new people decided they were hungry and wanted to go get food. So 11 of us ended up walking to Shanghai Village where 3 of the more loser of us decided to leave *sob*. The rest of us ate and then walked over to Town Hall where we sat around and played by the Indian and water for a bit before deciding to play sardines. After we all spent half-an-hour running around looking for Jule, we found her and Katy decided she wanted to go home, so Alex and I went with her.

We stopped by my house so I could give Alex Hole in my Life and then ended up chatting on my front porch. At one point, Katy exclaimed "Carol! Emily! What are you doing here!" I couldn't see them but then Emily stepped from the bushes and eventually with Katy's calls of "Carol, I know you're behind that tree," Carol stepped out as well (holding a cardboard platypus she was going to leave on my steps, I might add). So we hung for a while and ate chocolate and drank lemonade. At one point, Bob walked by and we (mainly Carol) waved enthusiastically and he waved back.

Katy, Alex and Emily decided to leave our party of five, and Carol and I tried to come up with someone else's house to prank. We decided to go to Gianna's house, drop the platypus by her door and write on her porch and sidewalk in chalk. But first, Skiddy walked by, going the same direction as Bob, and we wondered if there was a teacher party or something. We decided to go invade Gianna's house instead of stalking Skiddy, however. So we did and we wrote notes for Gianna and Alex (which I totally forgot to deliver Carol :( I'm sorry). Carol had to go to her brother's graduation, so I walked home after we made plans to meet up today. And then I cleaned out my binders/folders and backpack as well as organizing all of the word documents I have on my computer from the past four years of school. Junior year is over!

Then today, Carol and Rachel walked over to my house and we took my bucket of chalk (with more than one comment of "I has a bukket") in order to attack Elisabeth with it. We drew on her driveway (and on each other) and then called her cell and when she didn't answer, her dad to get her to first wake up and then come out and see it. I had to get back to my house so I could go see Pirates again (Donald hadn't seen it yet) so we walked back by Mass Ave. We passed the high school and Skitsis was just leaving, so we waved (Carol making a fool of herself yet again) and continued walking. We walked to Donald's house and Carol drew a platypus on his steps before he came out and noticed, which caused Carol to run away and Rachel and Elisabeth to follow. They came back to my house to draw on my walk, drop off the chalk, mess with my books and wake up my brother. And I went to see Pirates again. And all was good.

Tonight, I watched Night at the Museum with my mom and ignored the fact that most of my books are upside down. Tomorrow, I relax, maybe play some ddr, or juggle, or go on a bike ride, or read, or whatever I want to do ^^.
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Last night was surreal and amazing. The concert was wonderful, he was pretty and funny and his voice was so beautiful, like always. He ran about the stage to sing to different parts of the audience and went out into the audience at one point to shake people's hands. And he sung Awake, which I wake up to on my alarm clock every morning, and a song from Sweeney Todd, and essentially all of my favorite songs. His random comments made me laugh and squee at the same time, like "There are guys here?" and "I love you more" and he hugged a girl from the audience who gave him a really cute picture before saying something about being in Mr. Roger's neighborhood. Someone started the wave in the balcony shortly before he came out and there was spontaneous applause as he called it a number of times throughout. He played the piano and drums and danced and it was all just amazing. So, essentially last night can be summed up by "ohmygod."
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This time tomorrow, I won't have braces anymore. It's been a little under three years, and two oral surgeries and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I could feel worried, or happy, or thankful or any number of things, and right now, it's a vague mixture of everything that essentially makes me apathetic about it.

But I do basically only have one class tomorrow. As the AMC math test thing is the first two and a half shortened periods, and I'm getting dismissed at around 11:30, which means I'll have half of history and then computer programming and that's it.

And obviously, I'm going to sleep early so as to do a good job on the AMC and have finished my english speech project and emailed it to Kitsis... Of course. But the whose line videos were more important and so was looking into the kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh's son, which we talked a bit about in history today. Of course those were more important.
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It's strange getting back into things. My sleep schedule has been completely thrown off and there really is a complete difference from just plain survival and living by the clock. I think today would have been fine except for the fact that I had to take a midyear exam in math, another test in history and a vocab quiz after school, none of which I was actually prepared for. I think I did fine on the vocab quiz and history test and decent on the midyear by anyone else's standards, but I wish I had reviewed more than I did for all of them. And I could have, but no I had to watch Castaway with my mom last night and then I had to take a hot bath and then I had to go to bed at 8:30 because I was insanely tired. Eh, whatever. Now if only I could research and write a five page Chem paper in like five minutes before I fall asleep in this chair...
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I woke up this morning to my mom telling me I had a piano lesson in five minutes. And then I basically accomplished nothing today. I was reading through the reactions people had to JKR's release of the book seven title and came across [ profile] copperbadge's post here which led me to start reading his fic Cartographer's Craft. And it being 42 chapters, each being around 5,000 words long means I'm around halfway through it and haven't worked on my english paper at all today. But that doesn't matter because I actually like Harry and Sirius in this and it's well written and it fits well with existing canon, almost better than I can expect DH to. I did manage to get presents for my parents, though. And my dad and I looked for a knife that I could use on solo, but all the ones at EMS were too small. And tomorrow's Christmas Eve which means dinner with friends of my parents, playing DDR with my brother, and watching Love Actually tomorrow night. *goes back to reading and ignores the fact that there's only 70 or so hours left before the english paper is due*

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