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Another year gone. Another yuletide filled this year with an amazing 2426 stories in 1010 different fandoms. My recs after my first read through the archive are under the cut for 47 brilliant fics in 34 different fandoms: Across the Universe, Aladdin, Animaniacs, Big (movie), the Big Bang Theory, Blackadder, Calvin and Hobbes, Canturbury Tales, the Dark is Rising, Dead Poets Society, Dr. Horrible, Dr. Suess, Enchanted, Fairy Tales, the Giver, H G Wells, His Dark Materials, the Hobbit, the Incredibles, Indiana Jones, Lemony Snicket, Love Actually, Mulan, Myths (Greek and Roman), the Outsiders, the Princess Bride, Rocky Horror, RPS - the French Revolution, RPS - Doctor Who, Shakespeare, Stranger Than Fiction, Vorkosigan series, Wall.E, XKCD:

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I may have more recs in a few days, but for now I go to sleep.
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I don't normally rec fics. But this was one of the best fics I've ever read, that I can remember at least, and the fact that I would say that about a fic with this pairing is saying something. I just spent my Saturday taking a calc exam this morning (ugh...), sleeping for four hours this afternoon, packing and then reading this fic instead of studying for my Greek History exam tomorrow. And it was so worth it. Go read The White Road. It's really long and Snarry, as a warning for most of you or enticement for Miranda, but it is phenomenally written and made me almost not hate the pairing, kindof like this fic made me forget to hate RPS (linking to it just for you, Carol). And now to sleep...
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An interesting article on airport security. I've heard similar things before, possibly from Schneier as I remember the sentence "Only two things have made flying safer: the reinforcement of cockpit doors, and the fact that passengers know now to resist hijackers." And I was actually talking to my dad this summer when we were in the airport in Florida about whether the workers in airports have to walk through security every day; I don't remember what my dad was saying, but this article says no.

Looking around the Atlantic site, (as I've found interesting articles tend to cluster in magazines with one week's edition containing five brilliant articles and the next week containing all dull ones) I started reading this article on transgender (... LiveJournal's spell check doesn't recognize transgender...) children. We spent a month or so in my psych class last year discussing gender roles and touching on transgender people, so some of the examples mentioned like Money and the Reimer boys, I already know a lot about, but I found the article fascinating anyway.

And then just a funny article on swear words and obscenity. Although it's mainly funny because of the Carlin video embedded in it.

For John Barrowman fans, some hilarious (and slashy) photos and entries about a recent convention are here and here.

And now to continue not studying for that Greek History midterm I have tomorrow morning.
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Carol, the platypus is losing to a dragon in this poll. You must fix this. Thankfully, the TARDIS is winning in the other one.
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My memory is wonderful, really it is. Giulia, Carol and Elisabeth came over today to watch Doctor Who. And after we finished the most recent episode (is it Saturday yet?), as we were discussing random things and having tickle/pillow fights, I mixed a number of things up.

Let's see, so Peter Paige who plays Emmett on Queer as Folk actually is gay, although I swear I remember being surprised to find out that he was straight because he's so fabulous... Which means the gay actors in QAF play Justin, Emmett, Ben and Uncle Vic, as one of you said.

Also, Barrowman tried out for Will & Grace (not Queer as Folk) and was rejected because he wasn't gay enough.

And the fic I was thinking of both wasn't written by [ profile] copperbadge (I think he linked to it at some point, though) and, after rereading it, doesn't seem to be what you were thinking of Giulia, but it's here and is a wonderful crossover between Doctor Who and Discworld (not Sandman - Pratchett, Gaiman, same person, really...). I think I remember another fic as well but I can't seem to find it.

And the star-shaped spaceship showed up in the Christmas special with Donna, which makes sense because that's the first time she shows up in Doctor Who.
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Summer is sortof settling down for me into a regular schedule with random parties thrown in all over the place. I'm babysitting for somewhere around 15 hours a week for the rest of the summer (5 hours each on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, although occasionally a Wednesday or Friday is thrown in there instead). And then having people over on Tuesday evenings to play board and card games.

And it seems I'll also be juggling every other Monday evening with my brother, Teddy and Morgenbesser. It was wonderful tonight. Bear and Morgenbesser were working on three club passing, which they got pretty good at, while Teddy and I just worked on random things. I got a different vibe from tonight, though, than I get from juggling with Alex, or the juggling that happened in Baltimore, or the random juggling my brother and I do. It wasn't a bad vibe, just different. I'm not sure what it was, but it prevented me from enjoying tonight as much as I normally enjoy juggling with other people because I noticed it and it kept me from fully getting into juggling (horrible sentence structure I know, shut up; I'm too lazy to fix it...). It was still wonderful and I can't wait for Monday after next, but it was just off somehow. Maybe it was just the humidity or the fact I didn't sleep well last night and then had to wake up at 7:30 on 5 hours of sleep and babysit. It might also have been the fact that I wasn't teaching anyone anything (I was with jugglers of around my ability instead of lower) and it was an actual scheduled meet-up to juggle rather than randomly happening at the airport or at my house. But I dunno.

Other than that, had fun at the spontaneous party at Carol's house last night, went to see Narnia with Katy on Saturday, realized it's two short months away before I'll be at Colby, have mostly gotten used to having Kristen living with us, AP scores are released by telephone tomorrow and my mind is all over the place right now, so I think I'll stop now before I end up discussing Taft in a wet t-shirt contest or something. (Why am I referencing an old XKCD comic, you ask? Because XKCD is awesome and is applicable in any situation.) I'm done now really I am. Humidity makes me insane. As does Doctor Who. ("You cannot blame Doctor Who for this!"). And lack of sleep. I'm going to bed now really I am.
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How observant are you? Test 1. Test 2.
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*iz ded from laughter* Torchwood fic from [ profile] copperbadge - Trying to Communicate.
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... Torchwood > homework, really. Just spent a little more than an hour and a half reading a wonderful Torchwood fic (The Doctor and Mr. Jones by [ profile] copperbadge) instead of doing my homework. So about that history paper due tomorrow...
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I stayed up most of Saturday night (I think I went to bed around 5:30 or 6 in the morning, but I don't actually remember) to finish watching the first season of Torchwood. And then watched the first two episodes of the second season last night. So much &hearts for Torchwood and John Barrowman and, at least in the second season, Ianto. Spent the afternoon today watching clips of Barrowman on youtube (such as this one - Tennant asks Barrowman 'marry, shag or throw off a cliff?' - and this one - Barrowman's cabaret show) instead of doing my homework. Oh well... Barrowman > homework especially during second semester senior year.

He has an autobiography and a new cd out in the UK and I'm almost tempted to buy them on Shipping's not too bad, and although the cd is out in the US as an import, it's like $45 plus shipping from .com while only 5 euro or $8 plus just a bit more shipping from Having a debit card makes it too easy to make impulse buys (I see shiny, one click and I can have shiny :D)... I'll think about it some more, but will probably end up buying them. The first season of Torchwood is finally out on dvd in the US as well...

Outside of Torchwood, I got I1 privs for support in entries and gunk which makes me happy. I should get into a habit of answering a few requests a day, but I lost momentum with the end of term and after I answered 40 in a week... Not that anyone cares or knows what I'm talking about.

Saw Sweeney Todd again on Friday as Carol convinced me to see it with some people who hadn't yet. And then didn't really do anything else this weekend. Submitted a few scholarship applications, at least. And finished my prog assignment. Although I have to redo one part of it because it doesn't actually work the way I want it to.
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The past couple of days I haven't done anything... I stayed up until seven this morning rereading Ender's Game, as the first time I looked up after starting it last night, I was more than 2/3 of the way done and it was 4:30, so I decided to finish it. And besides that I've spent my whole time reading yuletide fic.

Yuletide is a yearly fic exchange for obscure or rarely written fandoms. This year, 2042 stories were written in 734 different fandoms by 1291 participants and so much of it is incredibly amazing. My recs are under the cut, but go here and browse through the fandoms that interest you.

Recs in no particular order for Blades of Glory, Dead Poet's Society, Dexter, Dinosaur Comics, Ender's Game, Fairy Tales (traditional), Hana Kimi, Hitchhiker's Guide, Knocked Up, Love Actually, the Prestige, Prince of Egypt, Princess Bride, Rent, RPS, Sesame Street, Tamora Pierce - Tortall Series, Twelfth Night, Vorkosigan series: )

I have other things to write about, but this entry is long enough as it is. I might come back to add more recs, just so I can keep track of everything in one place.
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Carol. The best drawings so far are these wonderful sketches. Before the announcement there was a lot of amazing art as well. Such as this or this or this or this or this or this blinking portrait or these doodles or these. I remember a lot of these being good as well. And this lolcat silliness based off of these models.

For fic, this series of letters (scroll down for the links) is good, especially for being completely written in under 24 hours. This is the first long fic to be completed, and although I've only read the first 4 chapters, it's really good so far. Another fic by the same author as the previous one is good as well although not actually Albus/Gellert. A lot of short fics/drabbles have been posted within the last few days to [ profile] grindeldore but none of them stand out as amazing. And then these are just two funny posts about it.

And now I should get back to homework and college apps...
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Carol's Questions )

Most of my friends seem to be having trouble with their schedules or overloaded with work and I feel weird about having a wonderful schedule, with 5 teachers and classes I love already, and little to no work assigned yet. There's a programming group assignment due next Friday, a Psych project due the 17th, a calc test on review stuff and an in-class essay on Kite Runner on Wednesday, but otherwise my only homework so far is some Physics problems. Morgenbesser and McCarthy are awesome, Tobin seems wonderful so far, Camelio seems nice enough and I like Duranceau as well. I mean how can you not like a teacher who, on the first day of school, invites the class over to his house for pizza Monday evening? I don't know what to think about White/Flynn yet, but people who had her in Sophomore year didn't like her. I also seem to have lunch with a bunch of people. Plus all of the depleted Caf Crew has been hanging out after school with what could be a few froshie recruits. And they haven't worked out directed studies yet, so my study today was in the cafeteria with Pam, Carol, Alice, Heather and Pete. Pam and Carol sang the duck-billed platypus song loudly 5 or 6 times throughout the period.

My sleep schedule hasn't reverted back to school timing yet, so even if I go to bed by 10, I can't fall asleep until 1 or after. Means I've only gotten five or six hours of sleep the last two nights, but whatever. I've never had as many teachers and classes I like before and with at least one or two people I enjoy talking to/working with in each of them. This year seems like it will be amazing. I'm not sure how my clubs will work out, though, seeing as I'm head of math team and secretary/vice-president of SAVE Club so should try to go to every meeting of both of those and am also a member of National Honor Society. The three of those will probably overlap in annoying ways, not to mention the Whose Line Improv club meetings.

And now to go to bed and catch up on lost sleep. If anyone's going to town day, stop by the SAVE club booth and say hi. I think I'm supposed to be manning it for much of the day.
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I'm back from vacation. Vacation was good although my family always seems to clash when we're together for long periods of time. Driving out to New York, we stopped by Tanglewood and listened to the practice for a bit before driving for the remaining 5 hours to get to our hotel. In New York, we took my grandmother out for a picnic which was all well and good until the lightning, thunder and rain started. It was right above us for a good half-an-hour and we had to wait it out as mom prearranged for the bus service to come back at a specific time due to my grandmother's wheelchair. The next day, my mom spent the morning with her mom while my brother, dad and I went to the Corning Museum of Glass, like we always do. We watched a couple of the glassblowing shows and also wandered around the museum for a while. The Glass Flowers exhibit was beautiful and the flowers were amazingly intricate and realistic. If any of you are ever around Corning, New York you should visit the museum.

In Maine, the first night and day were rainy but we played hearts in the Gathering Place and managed to stay dry. The Gathering Place sold trail mix which was amazingly good and I think my family got 10 or 15 bags of it throughout the trip. We went hiking and kayaking and stargazing (we saw some shooting stars which were the start of the Perseids) and my dad and I saw a dolphin while we were kayaking and a squirmunk (my brother came up with the name because we couldn't decide whether it was a baby squirrel or a chipmunk) tried to get into our food. We made s'mores on the two nights we lit fires and battled our deflating air mattresses until my dad went out and bought three new ones.

I read a total of six books throughout our vacation: The Tipping Point, Siddhartha, The Kite Runner, The Dark is Rising, Cordelia's Honor and Hawksong which, with the HP books brings my books read this summer up to 13 and makes me done with summer reading.

We drove home to a message on the answering machine for me from an Army Recruiter and no schedule... I guess they're sending them out alphabetically, but I'm impatient and want mine.

I had a weirdly realistic dream last night. It started out with me waiting for my dad in a car at night. He came back with a couple of maps and some food, mentioning that our plane would leave that time the next night. Over the course of the dream, I realized I was going to Australia with my dad, although I never figured out why we were going. My dad mentioned something about the plane ride only being an hour long and that I should pack a book to read. I protested that Australia is halfway around the world and that it should take a lot longer to get there. My dad said no it isn't, it's right here (and a map magically appeared showing that Australia was just a quick hop away from where we were). So we went home and I went up to the tv room and just sat there staring at the blank tv, thinking I should find out how far away Australia actually was and waiting for my dad to be ready to leave. Eventually, I realized that it was late and got up to look for my dad. I ended up downstairs where the mail was on the radiator and noticed something from the high school that must have been my schedule on top. I picked the mail up and somehow lost track of my schedule while going through the rest of my mail. The front door opened and I looked up to a crowd of talking people with my dad in front opening the door. Behind him I saw a bunch of my teachers (seemed to be most of the science and math department) who I came to the conclusion showed up to give me my schedule. My mom and brother walked downstairs and my dad closed the door on the teachers. And then I woke up.

It's obvious what I've been thinking of recently, including the fact that I haven't been on a plane since before 9/11 (as we used to go to see my grandmother in Indiana but then she died when I was in third grade, so we went out for her funeral and then a year later went out for my cousin's wedding. But since then I haven't been on a plane. 8 years with 9/11 happening in between...), that I want my schedule (which I assume I'll get Monday), and just general thoughts about school and applying to college (the teacher in front of the crowd was Morgenbesser, who I've vaguely been thinking of emailing sometime soon to ask if he'd write me a recommendation). I'm not sure where the Australia part came in though... Maybe something to do with Hugh Jackman's upcoming movie Australia? No idea. But that was one of the longest and most realistic dreams I've had in a while and the way my recent thoughts combined into this random dream amused me once I woke up.

Other than that, fandom's gone splodey, so I've backed up my journal with lj book which is amazing, and copied all of my entries to greatestjournal with [ profile] antennapedia's transfer script. I am meorae at greatestjournal as well and other than fandom journals, have friended Elisabeth and Vanessa over there. If any of you have greatestjournals, friend me? I'm not leaving lj, seeing as fandom is not the only reason I'm here, but I am setting up at greatestjournal to follow the fandom people who are. As my brain sees links to interesting software thingies and I must clicky, I'll be using Semagic to post to both lj and gj at the same time from now on.
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I'm done. Read from 1:15 am when I got home until 8:45. First reactions under the cut. I've been awake for more than 24 hours straight, so sorry for typos or incoherency.

DH Spoilers... )

I'm going to sleep now. Might be back with more later.

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Two things.

First, for those lucky people applying to college this year, the Common Application for fall 2008 admission will be available tomorrow.

Second, Labyrinth is being shown for something like the next week at the Kendall Square Cinema.
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A couple of months ago, I came across this excellent entry about privacy. It's something we all should be aware of. "Protecting your privacy, and the privacy of loved ones, in the 21st Century is not something you can do only part time. It has to be a purposeful intent that is integrated into every post you make, every profile you fill out, every event roster you sign, every cause you support, every review you write and every reply you make on a public blog, e-mail list or forum."

I got a facebook a month and a half ago and it, as well as that entry, has made me think about my privacy. I started out with a link to my livejournal in my facebook profile but removed it after more people started friending me, thinking that I didn't really want to connect my real life identity with my online identity and in many ways my private thoughts. I also started out comfortable with the privacy settings I chose, but I haven't changed them even though I've friended many more people, including two of my teachers, and joined the Boston network. I can easily change the privacy settings so I feel comfortable with the amount of information I'm sharing with my friends and everyone in my networks, but it just made me think about my level of privacy online.

I google meorae and my real name regularly to see what shows up. I also google my phone numbers, home address and email addresses. Nothing ever comes up for the phone numbers/email addresses/addresses and nothing comes up of me for my real name. There are plenty of hits for meorae, mainly because half of you allow indexing of your journals, so your profiles and a few entries I've commented on come up. And I'm perfectly fine with all of that. Whenever I remember to, I also check the different blog search engines to see if any of my livejournal entries are cached and I've only come across two that a couple of search engines cached before I turned the robot thing off.

But then looking at my public entries and profile, I've revealed my age/birthday, my grade, the names of most of my teachers/classes, my location, my school and my first name to anyone who reads my entries. On my profile, I also show all of my schools and my email address, although those are shown only to people I've friended. That's more information than I would think I reveal, but I just found all of that in about five of my previous public entries. And I don't know how I feel about that. That's enough information to know who I am. It's not enough information for a random stalker to easily contact/find me, but it wouldn't be too hard. I try to be careful by not posting my full name/phone numbers/address, f-locking photos and keeping track of what google could reveal about me. But a lot of smaller things get by and I'm glad I looked. I don't think I'll delete the information or f-lock any of the entries that contain it, but I'm aware of it now and I need to work out my boundaries for privacy.
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You have no idea how ridiculously happy this makes me - it's a programming language based on lolcats.

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