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I just got a deviantart gallery! I haven't uploaded anything yet, but I will within the next week or so.

I watched the Bourne Identity and Supremacy last night and they really are wonderful movies. Why does seeing Karl playing a Russian assassin make me think he's even more hot than in real life? There's something about his accent and him holding a gun... I don't know.

Once my mom finishes doing something, she's going to take me Christmas shopping. Now, I only have to figure out what to get everyone.

I've edited a third of my novel so far and will edit more of it tonight. I should have a copy ready for Elisabeth to beta by next week. Once she's finished going through it, I'll show it to the rest of you.

I suck at making pots on the wheel, but it's fun watching the clay turn into something that might resemble a pot and then watching it collapse in on itself. It's not very productive, but it's fun. So, I've started five pots, three of them have died by flying off the wheel and made me start over and the other two had walls that were so much thinner than the base of the pots. So, they collapsed into two really screwed up pots. My pottery teacher has told me to keep them though, because she thinks they'll look good once they've been fired. Who knows, they might.

The concert on Thursday was wonderful and to everyone who took part in it, congratulations.
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The Bourne Supremacy comes out on DVD on my birthday! I don't know the plot and I didn't see the first one or this one in theaters, but Karl is in it. And anyone who didn't know, I'm obsessed with Karl Urban and Eomer, so that's a good enough reason to buy movies with him in it. Anyone who gives it to me for my birthday will get a cookie, so buy it for me.

100 on my science test, 98 on my spanish quiz. I have no idea how well I did on the three tests I had today, but they didn't seem too hard and so I hope I at least passed. I'm going to start editing my novel this weekend, and so if anyone wants to read it, it'll be edited and done within the next few weeks.
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I feel so strange today. I've spent a month creating my masterpiece *ahemloadofshitcoughcough* and my mind keeps telling me that I should be writing. Instead, I've been "studying" for science and surfing the net.

Pam came over to my house after school because we both wanted to study and she didn't want to go home. We came up with different ways to remember the different equations. I'm probably going to forget them all by tomorrow. My favorite one was for pressure. Pressure is equal to a force over an area. That can be simplified to P=F/A. I came up with Pam = Friends over-annoyed.

The one time I actually put an effort into the history homework and he doesn't collect it, how stupid can I get?

The people on mugglenet annoy me and I have no idea why I even went there today, but I was bored and yeah. That's my story and I'll stick with it.

Quotes from mugglenet that annoy me )
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50,007 words in 28 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My novel is complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started it on November 2 and finished it today at 8:30 exactly!!!!!!!!!! ^_^
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I'm actually gonna make it to 50,000 words! I'm so happy! ^_^ I've written 20,000 words in the past five days and am finally back where I'm supposed to be. I've been writing around 6,000 words a night when my parents, neighbors and friends haven't forced me to do anything and so 3,216 words in 2 nights is going to be really simple. The only thing that ruins my happiness is the fact that I have school tomorrow. I would be able to finish my novel tonight if I could stay up as late as I want to, but as school is tomorrow, I can't. >__
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"For those of you who spend your days in scholastic environments, your teachers and professors have approved a similar bill of noveling rights, including reduced responsibilities in the "staying awake in class" department, and total exemption from the .coming to school prepared. thing.

Also, all final exams have been canceled."

Why can't this be true? NaNoWriMo is so much more important than school. Sort of.

I'm so screwed. I've only written 45 words today.

But I've just managed to get one of my main characters completely wasted, so I can waste like 10,000 words having him sing long, random songs.

I really should be writing right now.
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Romeo and Juliet continues to be slashy. In Scene 3 of Act 2, we were analyzing Friar Laurance's opening speech. Otis tells us that flowers are a metaphor for love. So, Friar Laurance is looking for flowers, and using Otis's metaphor, he's looking for love. Right after his opening speech, who shows up but Romeo? So Friar Laurance has now found his flowers, his love. Romeo is really a player. And he might be "attracted" to two females, but the people he's having sex with are all male. I mean in basically every single scene, there's some amount of slashy lines and in basically every scene it's a different male. In the first act, in one of the scenes, it was Benvolio and Romeo with:

Benvolio: Be ruled by me forget to think of her.
Romeo: O, teach me how I should forget to think.

Then in the next scene, it was Mercutio talking to Romeo with:

Romeo: I dreamt a dream tonight.
Mercutio: Well, so did I.
Romeo: Well what was yours?
Mercutio: That dreamers often lie.

Then a few scenes later, it's Mercutio calling out to Romeo.

Mercutio: Romeo! humours! madman! passion! lover!

And now Friar Laurance. And in the next scene, there's so many slashy lines. Ok, Mercutio, Benvolo and Romeo are all teasing each other, but every insult contains a grain of truth and it's so hilarious and slashy and I love this play!

98.1 in math, I probably failed both the spanish quiz and history test I had today, but I really don't care.

I'm 7203 words behind where I should be in NaNoWriMo, but I really don't care. Yay for procrastinating!

I want to kill my brother because two years ago he spent all of two days teaching me trigonometry and lucky me, that's basically all we're doing in math this year. I'm bored out of mind for basically the whole school day now. Pottery is fun and so is english, but everything else has turned into a boring waste of time.

Spent most of the weekend looking for random images instead of writing.

Karl in drag

Karl pointing

I really should be writing right now, shouldn't I?

370 words wasted in this entry.


I just found some more pictures. Four of them are from Viggo and Karl's trip to promote peace over in Japan. All of those pictures are so slashy, especially the fact that Viggo and Karl did a bed-in where they stayed, together, in a bed for some amount of time. I'll shut up now and give you the link.

Karl and Viggo


Nov. 9th, 2004 08:28 pm
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12,263 words! I'm back where I'm supposed to be. I'm actually supposed to be at like 16,000 words, but if I just write 1750 words a night, I'll make it to 50,000.

Don't have any clue where I got the link from. It's the llama song and a great way to waste a lot of time by just watching the loop over and over and over and over and over again.

I have a spanish quiz tomorrow that is on the first part of the next chapter in our book. We started this section of the chapter like a month ago and I still don't know any of the words. That might be because I don't take the time to study...

I took the math test today and the science test yesterday and I probably failed both of them. End of term is tomorrow and I'll learn next week whether I'm actually failing any classes. Fun fun fun.


Nov. 6th, 2004 01:03 pm
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I just got back from my first fencing thingamahooger. I forgot how enjoyable lunging at someone actually is, even if I was only holding a glove and not an actual sword.

Emily and I have started fencing and there's like six other kids in our class. There's two girls around our age and then like four little peoples. And the little people are so aggressive. There was this one boy who kept lunging and slapping me really hard with his glove.

We didn't get to use swords today, instead we worked on footwork and practiced advancing, retreating and lunging with gloves in place of swords. We were only supposed to lunge and slap our opponent lightly before recovering and retreating, but this kid would lunge really fast, slap hard and then retreat before I could move out of his way.

My legs, and Emily said hers did too, feel like I've just gone into Sip Pond, tried to swim and then gotten out. And my left arm does, too. But I don't see why my left arm would hurt when it spent the hour just hanging out behind me. Well, whatever. I had fun and will be continuing next Saturday.

Now I have to write 6000 words for NaNoWriMo to get where I should be right now. I haven't written like anything in the past two days and that's what is gonna screw me up toward the end of this month.

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