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Don't actually remember where I originally found this song, but I was going through old files on my laptop and listened to it and it instantly put me in a good mood. This was the song I needed when I was overwhelmed with projects and stress.

So when I make a big mistake
And when I fall flat on my face
I know I'll be alright
Should my tender heart be broken
I will cry those teardrops knowing
I will be just fine
Cause nothing changes who I am

Complete lyrics are here. And why not, I've uploaded the song here.

The kids I babysit for should be locked up for suggesting we run around outside in this weather. I mean their mother made the wonderful suggestion of playing in the sprinkler, but then they decided they didn't want to do that once we got outside *headdesk*.

Oh well. It's cooler now and I'm leaving for the Adirondacks in a couple days and I'm listening to this song on repeat. So everything's fine.
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Thought someone *couchelisabethcoughcarolcough* might appreciate this article: The Gay Animal Kingdom. And that's all I really have to say... Except, let's see.

My mom's friend Wendy and her son Jeremy came to stay at our house for a couple nights while they went to look at colleges in Boston. Jeremy is five months older than me, and yet he's going into senior year and has already taken six A.P.s (and I'm young for my grade). We (me, my brother and Jeremy) ended up staying up all night Tuesday talking, juggling, playing video games, using karate weapons at 3 am, and watching random videos online. The three of us collapsed on my bed at 7 am as the adults in the house were just starting to move around. So we got like 15 minutes of sleep before being woken up. Jeremy had to go with his mom to take college tours, while Bear and I just fell back asleep. And then we did it again Wednesday night, although we planned it out more. We started with juggling outside for an hour or so and then moved onto video games and then we watched Advent Children, with Jeremy falling asleep a couple of times throughout it, and then Bear and Jeremy played video games again. I almost fell asleep in my chair and decided to go to bed at 3 am. I believe they stayed up the whole night. Fun times.

Watched In and Out today with [ profile] acern, [ profile] arrowwhiskers, [ profile] arsinyk and my brother. And then we watched the third (or was it fourth?) episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus, before attacking each other with pillows and tickling each other.

And then yesterday, I helped out at Georgia's birthday party, although I really didn't do much. But hey, getting paid for sitting around, vaguely paying attention to make sure the kids don't kill each other, and listening to adults talk is fine by me. Oh and getting cake and ice cream. Why don't I normally get paid for just sitting around and eating? XD
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Babysitting Sarah wasn't that bad. She was extremely adorable and Jack, one of their cats, spent a lot of time sitting on my stomach. He'd jump up onto me and like only a second later, he'd be completely settled on my stomach and not move for 5 minutes before jumping off. It was amusing.

So Tomilson picked me up at around 5 and then left for parent teacher conferences. Sarah wanted to do her reading homework, so we spent 10 minutes with me holding the book open and her reading it. Then the pizza guy came and so I paid for pizza and then went back to Sarah as she wanted to finish her homework.

As soon as we got to the part about mama whatever (I think it was a bear, but I don't remember... something with a warm coat) bringing the cake in and birthday cake being better than birthday soup, sarah started crying as she missed her mom. So I'm fine with comforting Georgia or Owen, cause I know what to say to make each of them feel better and I know how to distract them. However, I was completely lost with Sarah crying. I didn't know what activities she'd want to do or if I should tell her that her mom would be back in a few hours, as that used to make Owen cry more. I ended up asking if she wanted to eat dinner and she nodded her head.

Around half an hour later after we had eaten and I had read her a children's book about Walden pond and Henry David Thoureou, she stopped crying and everything was fine after that. Anyone who babysits, just a question, how do you comfort/calm down a child you're babysitting for who misses their mom or dad?
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So Friday night, my family went to see Howl's Moving Castle. And it was amazing as other people have said although certainly not his best work.

Then Saturday, I went through all my school crap and recycled basically all of it. Now the only thing my mom's bugging me to do is clean my room.

Sunday, my family went out to brunch. After brunch, my mom wanted to see what was in the toy store next to the restaurant, so we went in and they had juggling rings. My dad bought two sets, one each for my brother and me.

Then in the afternoon, we went to a neighborhood party thing that one of my neighbors was throwing as she just got married and is moving away to live with her husband. Before last night, I hadn't realized how many of my neighbors are little kids. There were like twenty little five-year olds running around while their parents talked and it was pretty boring.

I've been juggling the rings, but they're a lot more painful than balls are. My hands are covered in bruises from catching them wrong. But I must get 200 juggles. My record is 171 juggles right now. My chant last night was "I'm getting 100, I'm getting 100." And I ended up going to bed after getting 99 and hitting myself in the head with one of them. My dad also went online and he's going to get juggling clubs. And they are so much cooler than rings and balls. So this summer, I'm going to learn to do mill's mess, juggle clubs, and do tricks juggling clubs/rings. My three goals for juggling this summer.

I don't really have any other goals, except to actually feel accomplished at the end of summer. I want to do things, and not just sit around doing nothing.

edit: I just got 225. Now I will break 300. Trust me, I will.
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So in spanish today, after k4 had told us a few days ago that we would be having the speaking final yesterday and monday, she gave us the speaking final. *headdesk* She called me out to the hallway about halfway through the class. The questions were relatively simple, how are you, did you study last night, what did you study, what do you do in your free time, what type of books do you like to read, what did you like to do when you were younger, and finally what do you do in the summer, but I was nervous as hell and couldn't stop my hands from fidgeting. I think I got all 25 points, but I might have gotten only 20 of them. I didn't look.

After school, I came home and went over to my neighbor's to babysit. So Owen welcomes me by jumping at me and then I let him down and he punches me. Over the next hour, he continues being violent to me for no reason. I told him to stop, I told him that if he attacked me again he would get time out and then finally put him in time out. After that, I thought he had calmed down. So Georgia, Owen and I were playing soccer. Their mom had left to go on a walk. The grass was wet, and as it was obviously going to happen, I slipped and fell. I didn't hurt anything, but I got the wind knocked out of me. So I was lying there trying to get my breath back while my little brats of neighbors laughed at me and didn't ask if I was ok. Then Owen felt the insane need to run and jump on me. I would have been fine, except he had to jump on me and kill my back. So now my back kills and Owen continued attacking me until Amy got home. She came home to me and Georgia playing cards and Owen in his room because I was fed up with him. And I finally left. My back and neck are in pain right now, although I took motrin, so they should be feeling better soon.

So I'm done with the history final and the writing and speaking parts of my spanish final. Math, science, spanish and english writing left to do. And the essay and presentation for pottery. Just six more days of school. And even then, not really school. Reviewing and taking finals. Six more days. I can make it.
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I got a haircut. My hair's like a whole foot shorter than it used to be. It's a little less than shoulder length now, instead of nearly down to my waist.

Just read House on Mango Street, and I share the same opinion of it as everyone else seems to have. So now I only have a five page allegory to write. I should also start the science paper and do some more research for history. But I'm not gonna. If I can finish the allegory tonight, then I won't have anything else to do this weekend.

It's finally been nice out. Spent all of friday afternoon outside, first at the high school and then watching four miscreants over at my neighbor's house. I wish the weather would stay like it is now, but of course it's not gonna.

Thursday afternoon, my brother and I played a brutal game of chess. And I beat him for once. I keep reminding him of that, but that's cause I haven't beaten him in almost a year now.

Anyone want to do anything this weekend? I'm probably just gonna sit around all weekend, but if anyone wants to get together to go on a bikeride or whatever, I'm around.


Apr. 21st, 2005 05:11 pm
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Crappy poem for english: )

Exactly 100 words because it ended up that way. Ok it ended up with 103 words, but I ended up deleting three of them. My crappy poem for english. Boring as hell, I know. Basically the only homework I had this vacation and I actually did it before directed study on Monday. Any suggestions are welcome.

I finished what's been written of shoebox yesterday and I recommend it to everyone.

It's beautiful outside, although the bugs and bees have come out early and so, I've spent much of this week inside. Actually, I've spent more time outside than I normally do in a month. But I've spent more time inside than I normally do during vacations.

I got suckered into babysitting for four hours earlier today. And then suckered in to babysitting for two hours this coming Saturday and an hour on Tuesday. Oh well, I get paid and it was only horrible today because of the length, but normally the kids aren't too bad.
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My dad wants my brother and me to take part in HSSP this year. Will anyone do one of these classes with me? None of them look particularly interesting, but I don't know.

I've spent most of today and some of yesterday trying to write a 3 page essay for English. I have 2 and a half pages and I'm no where close to being done saying what I want to say. It's utter crap, but I'll have an essay by Monday.

Last night, I babysat for my neighbors. I went over at 7:30, read the kids each two stories and put them to bed. Then I listened to my ipod and read Great Expectations for two and a half hours. I was at somewhere around chapter 20 when I started and I'm now at chapter 32. We need to have read to 40 by the end of this vacation. The one class I have homework in and we're given 100 pages to read (I was something like 100 pages behind, so I had 200 pages to read) and a 3 page essay. We were given the whole week before vacation to work on the essay, but come on, who did he expect to start last week? And he knew that no one was going to read 10 pages a night, everyone is going to have read it all in one sitting. It's really boring, too. I mean, every once in a while there's some sortof subtext, like Carol found, but everything else is really boring. So 8 more chapters to read and 1/2 a page to write. I can do this.

The intramural for fencing is tomorrow. I can't fence in it, you have to be in a pre-competitive class to fence in it, but Emily and I are going to watch it.

Now, back to writing.
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Read this. It's the reaction of a mother hearing her son called a fag.

We still haven't gotten our stupid report cards. Weren't they sent out Friday?

The whole freshmen class is going to see Hotel Rwanda if it isn't a snow day tomorrow and I'm actually looking forward to it. I've heard that it's a good movie and it actually relates to what we're studying... somewhat.

I spent the past two hours babysitting my neighbor. We built a snowman in her backyard. It's really small but it looks awesome, or it did when we created it. )

So, over the weekend, my dad and I went to New Hamshire. We drove out to Cannon Mountain, hiked up two miles of it, and stayed overnight in an unheated cabin. That night, we went outside and looked at stars. It was beautiful. And between my dad and me, we saw something like 6 or 7 shooting stars. In the morning we hiked up a little more of Cannon and then hiked all the way back down. It was fun. Although we were carrying around 30 pounds of food, clothes and equipment on our backs, but still. And my dad almost fell off the mountain, as he slipped while we were hiking down it and came close to sliding off the trail. He didn't though, because his foot hit a tree and I helped him back up. The views were very prettyful and it was wonderful weather. My dad managed to get some nice pictures. )

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