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Rewriting the Rules of Fiction, from the Wall Street Journal )

Online here but who knows how long it will stay free...

Accomplishments this week:
1. Watching Dead Poets' Society
2. Juggling shoes after school today
3. Joining the math team
4. Avoiding Kilgore, who parked across the street from the high school and went inside the bank while we were sitting by the tree...

Failures this week:
1. Failing the chem and math tests, although not actually, but still
2. Not going to the meeting about forming clubs and getting the paperwork (as I chose to go to math team instead...)
3. Getting lost trying to find two of my studies (ok not lost, as I knew where I was, I just didn't know where the rooms were)
4. Not going to bed at a reasonable time... (12 is reasonable... just not when it's a school night and I stayed up that late cause I was doing stuff online, two nights in a row...)
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I enjoy having two classes that I like going to, and where I'm actually learning things, but I've started basically counting down the minutes until I have computer programming and on the days I have survival, counting down to that too... Oh well. Survival and computer programming are awesome. And then I like my english class and teacher, but it's been sortof boring, although that will probably get better. On the other hand, chem is utterly boring due to Magill (and will probably continue to be), and we've had a lab like every day for the past couple days which means lab write-ups every night. He said he'd cut down on the labs, as we complained, but still. And then history and math are sortof interesting, and sortof boring. And that's my life.

I've been hanging after school with the caf crew, and although it's better than I thought it would be without the ex-seniors, I miss them. I want my [ profile] penguinutopia to flop down on, and [ profile] napoleonofnerds so I can listen to interesting debates, [ profile] l33tspike to slash with other people and to make it so the house isn't completely dark and quiet (except for my room) at 9pm as it's been, and [ profile] sana_gale to make me laugh, and [ profile] arrowwhiskers to talk to, and I'm really not describing this well or completely, but I miss the ex-seniors. I want the caf crew of last year back. Plus, we haven't coerced any froshies to join us, so it seems like there aren't enough people.

I seem to have joined the math team, just cause [ profile] acern forced me to, ok told me to go to the first meeting and I obeyed. First meeting was fun, and it seems like it will be enjoyable, just I really need to organize myself so I have enough time to procrastinate do my homework, go to club meetings, stay after with the crew and do other things like spanish chats, practicing piano, babysitting and doing the million things online that I do each day. Cause I know I have enough time to do everything I want to, I just don't pay attention to time, so waste time before realizing that oh crap it's dinnertime and I have an hour of homework from each of my classes to do. So maybe I'll make a schedule like crazy!bookston suggested to my math class in that off-topic rant a week ago.

Oh, and [ profile] acern, I thought that you'd like this article titled 'NY men call themselves straight but have sex with men.'

And omg DPS/House crossover love.

edit: fuck homework. I'm watching dead poets' society again.
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Thought someone *couchelisabethcoughcarolcough* might appreciate this article: The Gay Animal Kingdom. And that's all I really have to say... Except, let's see.

My mom's friend Wendy and her son Jeremy came to stay at our house for a couple nights while they went to look at colleges in Boston. Jeremy is five months older than me, and yet he's going into senior year and has already taken six A.P.s (and I'm young for my grade). We (me, my brother and Jeremy) ended up staying up all night Tuesday talking, juggling, playing video games, using karate weapons at 3 am, and watching random videos online. The three of us collapsed on my bed at 7 am as the adults in the house were just starting to move around. So we got like 15 minutes of sleep before being woken up. Jeremy had to go with his mom to take college tours, while Bear and I just fell back asleep. And then we did it again Wednesday night, although we planned it out more. We started with juggling outside for an hour or so and then moved onto video games and then we watched Advent Children, with Jeremy falling asleep a couple of times throughout it, and then Bear and Jeremy played video games again. I almost fell asleep in my chair and decided to go to bed at 3 am. I believe they stayed up the whole night. Fun times.

Watched In and Out today with [ profile] acern, [ profile] arrowwhiskers, [ profile] arsinyk and my brother. And then we watched the third (or was it fourth?) episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus, before attacking each other with pillows and tickling each other.

And then yesterday, I helped out at Georgia's birthday party, although I really didn't do much. But hey, getting paid for sitting around, vaguely paying attention to make sure the kids don't kill each other, and listening to adults talk is fine by me. Oh and getting cake and ice cream. Why don't I normally get paid for just sitting around and eating? XD
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Tetris Yaoi: the one thing Elisabeth and Carol haven't come up with. Bird yaoi, salamander yaoi, even glove yaoi, but not tetris yaoi. I'm still laughing ten minutes after finding this. Someone should so create a tetris game that is yaoiful with like sounds and those expressions and other things. Is it bad that I can name what positions they're in?
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My mind's in this floaty state right now. I feel like I should be sobbing my eyes out for Sophie, but I also feel like I should get over it and move on. And the chant through my head for the past four or so hours has been "sophie, she's gone, sophie, rosalie, molly, they're all gone, sophie, sophie, get over it, sophie, sophie, my namesake's gone, why, sophie." My mind keeps going back to fourth grade when Rosalie was put down and remembering how I felt then and realizing that I felt sad then because my mom was upset and not really anything else. I missed her but no more than if I had been going over to a friend's house for the night. And it was the same thing when my grandmother died. I didn't know her that well, I was sad because my mom and dad were and that was how I should be. Now I actually feel sad and lost and I don't know. Sophie's gone!

Supposedly Sophie and Freddy were Christmas presents to my dad before I was born. I'm not sure if Bear was born yet or not. But I wasn't. My mom went out Christmas Eve or sometime and my dad thought she was going to get pastries.

After school was fun, although that might just be my mind warping the events before I got home. So someone pulled the fire alarm because of smoke in the science wing and the cast of the play, the teachers and the crew from the cafeteria were standing around outside. Rob and some other male senior I don't know were singing Steven Lynch's If I Were Gay song, which I had never heard before. It was amusing to say the least and Carol missed it until some of the last lines.

My history topic right now is "the waste of natural resources around the world and the environmental impact over the past 100 years." Elisabeth came up with the topic because we were discussing how idiotic Chebator was to be forcing us to use 40 notecards when we could all just type it up on the computer and have it perfectly organized. So we were discussing how much paper it was wasting if he was having everyone from all of his classes use them. And Elisabeth suggested the waste of paper around the world as a joke for a topic, but it actually sounds sort of interesting.

Here we are dear old friend
You and I drunk again
Laughs have been had and tears have been shed
Maybe the whiskey has gone to my head

But if I were gay, I would give you my heart
And if I were gay you'd be my work of art
If I were gay we would swim in romance
But I'm not gay so get your hand out of my pants

Its not that I don't care, I do
I just don't see myself in you
Another time another scene
I'd be right behind you if you know what I mean

If I were gay I would give you my soul
If I were gay I would give you my hole.. being
If I were gay we would tear down the walls
But I'm not gay so why don't you stop cupping my b...hands

We've never hugged, we've never kissed
I've never been intimate with your fist
You have opened brand new doors
Get over here and drop your........
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Did anyone go to the GSA meeting? I was too tired after fencing to go, so I didn't and I want to know what happened. So what happened at the GSA meeting?

Not much has happened this past week except for today with the meningitis.

Although today, during lunch, we had a pretty interesting conversation. We somehow got onto the topic of Dumbledore/Voldemort which led to Dumbledore/Riddle which somehow led to Dumbledore/the giant squid. The only pairing that seems to squick Julia, Carol, Elisabeth and me is that. I have no idea how we got onto the topic, but it was funny. Oh, I remember. We were talking about what classified as an NC-17 fanfiction and how a fanfic without a pairing or in otherwords a gen fic couldn't be NC-17 as it wouldn't be able to include graphic sex. And this conversation ended up leading to Dumbledore/Squid. I don't even want to know how that would work.

I just finished my math POW, so I can hand it in tomorrow and get extra credit. Now, I only have to work on my history project and memorize my lines for spanish. *headdesk* Only one more day until the weekend. I don't feel the need to kill anyone, *couchchebatorcough* *coughk4cough* of course I don't.
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Romeo and Juliet continues to be slashy. In Scene 3 of Act 2, we were analyzing Friar Laurance's opening speech. Otis tells us that flowers are a metaphor for love. So, Friar Laurance is looking for flowers, and using Otis's metaphor, he's looking for love. Right after his opening speech, who shows up but Romeo? So Friar Laurance has now found his flowers, his love. Romeo is really a player. And he might be "attracted" to two females, but the people he's having sex with are all male. I mean in basically every single scene, there's some amount of slashy lines and in basically every scene it's a different male. In the first act, in one of the scenes, it was Benvolio and Romeo with:

Benvolio: Be ruled by me forget to think of her.
Romeo: O, teach me how I should forget to think.

Then in the next scene, it was Mercutio talking to Romeo with:

Romeo: I dreamt a dream tonight.
Mercutio: Well, so did I.
Romeo: Well what was yours?
Mercutio: That dreamers often lie.

Then a few scenes later, it's Mercutio calling out to Romeo.

Mercutio: Romeo! humours! madman! passion! lover!

And now Friar Laurance. And in the next scene, there's so many slashy lines. Ok, Mercutio, Benvolo and Romeo are all teasing each other, but every insult contains a grain of truth and it's so hilarious and slashy and I love this play!

98.1 in math, I probably failed both the spanish quiz and history test I had today, but I really don't care.

I'm 7203 words behind where I should be in NaNoWriMo, but I really don't care. Yay for procrastinating!

I want to kill my brother because two years ago he spent all of two days teaching me trigonometry and lucky me, that's basically all we're doing in math this year. I'm bored out of mind for basically the whole school day now. Pottery is fun and so is english, but everything else has turned into a boring waste of time.

Spent most of the weekend looking for random images instead of writing.

Karl in drag

Karl pointing

I really should be writing right now, shouldn't I?

370 words wasted in this entry.


I just found some more pictures. Four of them are from Viggo and Karl's trip to promote peace over in Japan. All of those pictures are so slashy, especially the fact that Viggo and Karl did a bed-in where they stayed, together, in a bed for some amount of time. I'll shut up now and give you the link.

Karl and Viggo
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So, I start my english homework and I start to read the first section in Romeo and Juliet. I'm thinking of how much I'd rather be reading fanfiction than Shakespeare and then Romeo is complaining to Benvolio about how his love can never love him back and all that crap. Then, Benvolio, who is "just Romeo's friend" says:

Ben: Be ruled by me, forget to think of her.
Romeo: O, teach me how I should forget to think.
Ben: By giving liberty unto thine eyes; Examine other beauties. (it's implied that he's saying, like me)

And then after more of Romeo's complaining, he ends with:

Romeo: Farewell: thou canst not teach me to forget.
Ben: I'll pay that doctrine, or else die in dept.

I'm sorry that I see slash in this scene. You do, too, right?

p.s. Did Shakespeare actually mean for Ben to be gay? Because it looks slashy even without my dirty mind being involved.
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I completely failed the history test today. I understand the concepts and know the key vocabulary, but it's not my fault that Chebator can't write questions that I can interpret correctly. I studied... yeah right, I just listened to the bonaparte/nelson story many many times and I got most of the questions right, but then, like half the test had questions I wasn't sure how to interpret. Did we ever actually talk about this muslim empire that was one of the last fill in the blanks? Because I don't remember it. But I messed up on three of the fill in the blanks because I didn't remember ever talking about a muslim empire and I mixed up the slogans. And then there were the seven or eight multiple choice questions that weren't clear enough for me to be able to choose the right answer. So, I basically failed the test and if I don't get a good grade on the essay, I'll have failed our Napoleon test.

96 on my science essay. I was sure that it was complete crap and I didn't even include, much less analyze, the arguments of creationists. Blakely just likes me and I really didn't deserve a grade that high.

In my mind, Nick, Al and Otis are now a threesome. And I'm sorry that I see slash everywhere. Last week, in English, Al asked Otis if he could have a threesome with Nick and Miranda to analyze one of Shakespeare's sonnets. And Otis said no. Today, Al wrote on the board, 'I <3 J. Otis' and Otis asked him if he wanted to erase it to stop rumors from starting and Al said no. Now of course, earlier, Otis told Al, Nick and Miranda no to the threesome because he didn't want them together if he couldn't be in it. Just like history.

Chebator, awhile ago, when we were doing the bread project thingie, was going to allow Steve to be his queen, but when Steve wanted to be queen while Jean was king, he didn't want to allow that because he wanted Steve to himself. He isn't opposed to Steve acting as a female, he's just opposed to Steve being with anyone besides himself. And this one, I didn't come up with myself. I only helped. It's not my fault that I see slash everywhere and that I even see it between teachers and students. It's all my mind's fault and you all for corrupting me. I was perfectly sane before I met Elisabeth and Carol, I swear I was.
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I got an 100 on the Science test and a 98 on the Math quiz. I swear that the Math quiz said supplement not compliment, but I only lost two points for that question, so I really don't care. I got an 89 on the History test and a 100 on our last Spanish quiz, but I feel like I completely screwed up on the Spanish test we had today. Oh well. I really could care less. I haven't been failing anything that I know of and it's already half term.

The math homework was extremely tedious and now I have to start the Science lab report and the English paragraphs. They're due Thursday, though, so I don't actually have to do them tonight.

I got my picture taken today during lunch and I couldn't figure out where the Pit was. I stood looking around for about three minutes, trying to figure out where I was once I got back into the building from the courtyard. It's been four weeks, dammit and I still can get lost way too easily.

We got to read and act out our (Carol, Elisabeth and my) story about lemons in English today. I really don't think that Mr. Otis or Mr. Blakely would let us talk or write about lemons if they actually knew what they were, but it's funny how they don't know.

Also, the way Al and Nick act in English is really hilarious.

Ok, English class is just hilarious on its own, but Mr. Otis told Al and Nick that he didn't want them touching each other, today and I'm sorry if my mind makes a connection to something completely different. It's not my fault. You were laughing too, Elisabeth; don't try to deny it. But, basically, English is just a class to goof off in and Mr. Otis doesn't really seem to care if we do the homework or not, so it's even better. He seems to be able to control the class if he needs to, but mainly he allows us to basically shout out and get completely off subject whenever we want. While in History, Science, Math and Spanish, I actually have to pay attention. But Pottery and English are really easy classes and also fun and they make up for at least some of the crap we have to do and learn in my other classes.

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