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1. Favorite colour.
Green. Should we psychologically examine the fact that my favorite color is the same as my brother's? How about not.

2. How do you think people become friends? Like, can you think of characteristics that all your friends share, or characteristics that you look for in friends, and are they different?
It's a survival mechanism. If you're around someone often enough, easier to cooperate and be friends than annoy each other and be lifelong enemies. I mean there's also always the third option of ignoring the person... But there isn't really anything that all my friends share, except for the fact that I was around them often enough in classes/clubs/whatever that we started talking and they were either different enough from me that they could teach me something or similar enough that we could talk about our shared interests. And then there's the fact that I met a good 75% of my friends through shared friends and that means shared interests as well. But, overall I like different friends for different reasons...

3. Three words that describe you (which could be "obsessed with platypi," or "short, smart, annoying," or any way you want to work it).
Better than Carol. (It had to be done. I'm sorry.)

4. Give me a complex and nuanced interpretation of the social spheres of our highschool. Or just give me your opinions on high school, now that we're about to leave. (That was totally phrased in the form of a question.)
It's high school... I think I learned some things, suffered through things and had a number of bad teachers/classes as well as many good teachers/classes. It's my opinion that middle school and high school aren't all they could be, but they're over in 7 years, and I've made it through. :\ Elisabeth got out when she needed to and the rest of us slog on, as we will slog on through life. I might care more (as I did in sophomore year) if I had a younger sibling or children of my own about to go through the same thing, but it's senior year. I'm practically done. I don't care.

5. Do you prefer frogs or toads?
... Um frogs?

Most of my friends seem to be having trouble with their schedules or overloaded with work and I feel weird about having a wonderful schedule, with 5 teachers and classes I love already, and little to no work assigned yet. There's a programming group assignment due next Friday, a Psych project due the 17th, a calc test on review stuff and an in-class essay on Kite Runner on Wednesday, but otherwise my only homework so far is some Physics problems. Morgenbesser and McCarthy are awesome, Tobin seems wonderful so far, Camelio seems nice enough and I like Duranceau as well. I mean how can you not like a teacher who, on the first day of school, invites the class over to his house for pizza Monday evening? I don't know what to think about White/Flynn yet, but people who had her in Sophomore year didn't like her. I also seem to have lunch with a bunch of people. Plus all of the depleted Caf Crew has been hanging out after school with what could be a few froshie recruits. And they haven't worked out directed studies yet, so my study today was in the cafeteria with Pam, Carol, Alice, Heather and Pete. Pam and Carol sang the duck-billed platypus song loudly 5 or 6 times throughout the period.

My sleep schedule hasn't reverted back to school timing yet, so even if I go to bed by 10, I can't fall asleep until 1 or after. Means I've only gotten five or six hours of sleep the last two nights, but whatever. I've never had as many teachers and classes I like before and with at least one or two people I enjoy talking to/working with in each of them. This year seems like it will be amazing. I'm not sure how my clubs will work out, though, seeing as I'm head of math team and secretary/vice-president of SAVE Club so should try to go to every meeting of both of those and am also a member of National Honor Society. The three of those will probably overlap in annoying ways, not to mention the Whose Line Improv club meetings.

And now to go to bed and catch up on lost sleep. If anyone's going to town day, stop by the SAVE club booth and say hi. I think I'm supposed to be manning it for much of the day.
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