Dec. 11th, 2006

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Why am I still awake you ask? Because I spent all of today (minus the hour I babysat for my neighbors) rereading a novel length fanfic and only just finished it. And obviously I stayed up until 2 am last night reading it too. That was stupid, now wasn't it? *wanders off to procrastinate homework for as long as possible*
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I'm only a third of the way through my history project, haven't started my english paper, have no idea what my topic for my chem paper will be, haven't done my english homework yet and am feeling incredibly overwhelmed and stupid and blah. I'm bad with large projects and having multiple big projects at the same exact time makes me fail and hate myself for procrastinating too much or whatever.

I've realized I seem to update my livejournal with four or so types of posts. There's the updates about my life which I post so I can remember them and because I like hearing what other people do even if I never comment on those posts. Then there's the ranting about stress of whatever kind, generally tying into updates on my life, which I post because they make me feel better (like the beginning of this post). I also post memes, quizzes and links to things I want to share. And finally, I post my thoughts, whether that's trying to unravel my feelings on something, sharing something I've figured out, or just writing down my opinion on something. I think I might start using tags to make it easier to find the posts with my thoughts in them, because those are the posts I come back to reread. I also sometimes sift through my entries for links I remember posting but never bookmarked, so maybe I'll tag those entries too.

And now back to that history project due tomorrow. Just 1,000 more words and then formatting everything into a newspaper before I can print it out and go to sleep. And then wake up and burn down Menotomy tomorrow ^^. I mean... We're creating fires tomorrow in survival, although they'll be controlled and Bob'll have a fire extinguisher, so Menotomy won't actually burn.

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